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How You Can Help

This weekend I sold books at my church. It was a big event, with lots of vendors selling their goods–clothing, artwork, stationery . . . pretty much everything you can imagine. I was the only one there with a book, though, so as my husband put it, I had the literary market on lockdown.

Many of the people who bought from me on Saturday–and a lot of other people I’ve run across–asked me the same question: “How do you get the word out about your writing?”

And this is often followed by another question: “Now that I’ve bought your book, how else can I support you?”

OH, I love those questions. They make my heart smile.

And this is a particularly good time for people to be asking how they can support me, because I’m hoping to go on submission with PULL here in the next few months, and guess what?

Editors will look me up.


And they’ll be VERY interested to see how I’ve done with The Clearing. They’ll also be interested to see how many people are supporting me online through my blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In other words? My “platform” is EXTREMELY important to the possibility of future publications.

Don’t believe me? Go read this post by agent Rachelle Gardner. (The comments get a little dicey, so you might want to stay out of those.)

If you’re interested in learning how you can support me AFTER purchasing The Clearing, here are some very quick, easy, and TANGIBLE ways that you can be a part of this road to publication.

If you are reading this blog right now, you can become a member by clicking “Join This Site” in the box of faces on the right. You can follow by using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. It’s super easy and helps me A LOT.

If you are on Facebook, you canย “like” my Facebook page. You can also “like” The Clearing‘s page.

If you are on Twitter, you can follow me.

If you are on Goodreads, you can rate and review The Clearing. You can also become a “fan” of me. (Scroll down until you see my fan box.)

If you really loved The Clearing, consider buying a copy for someone for Christmas. (Purchase links are in the sidebar.) If you live near me, I’ll be happy to sign it!

Doing these things? HUGE. Like, you don’t even know. If editors get PULL, look me up, and see that a lot of people are supporting me, they’ll be much more likely to consider me for publication.

And I’ll have YOU to thank for it.

(Also, PS: many of the above things give you extra entries for my $50 Amazon Giftcard giveaway!)

If you’ve already done these things, THANK YOU. A million times, thank you. It means the world. I wish I didn’t have to worry about numbers, but alas, I do. Thanks for showing your support and thanks for being awesome!

5 thoughts on “How You Can Help

  1. Your blog today inspired me to write my first book review on amazon! (actually EVER!) Can’t wait to hear the saga of Pull publication (fingers crossed!) ~ and praying! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. What if we’re already doing all that stuff? Should we show up with brownies? Send gift cards for free massages?


      1. There is no relaxing until everyone knows of YOUR awesomeness!!!!! Let me know if I can arrange any more events!

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