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In Which I Get All Up In Albert Grey’s Bizness

It is 6:00 in the morning. I’m standing outside Albert Grey’s house–my male MC from PULL. I’ve got a bone to pick with Albert, and this is the only time I can do it. 

*          *          *

Me: [rings doorbell, shooting dirty looks at the security camera in the corner of the doorframe]

Two full minutes pass. 

I ring the bell again. Finally, the door opens. 

Albert: Oh, you’ve got to be bloody kidding me.

Me: Save it, Grey. We’ve got things to talk about before I take Baby Girl to daycare. Can I come in?

Albert: [rubs a hand across his stubbly cheek] I’m not awake enough to think of a legitimate reason you can’t, so . . . sure.

Me: You have coffee, right?

Albert: Of course. I’m friends with Rosie, remember? And you gave her a raving caffeine addiction, so I have to keep the pot full at all times.

Me: [pushes past him into the house] Yeah, she might have inherited that little detail from me. Anybody else awake?

Albert: No. [closes the door] Just curious, how did you get here? You don’t live in London.

Me: Um, magic. Helloooo. Don’t you know authors can always find their characters, no matter what? And that time and space mean nothing to us?

Albert: ……………….

Me: What?

Albert: Do you actually know you’re crazy, or do you just live in blissful ignorance?

Me: Blissful ignorance. What’s happening with your hair, by the way?

Albert: [runs a hand through his curly black hair, which is sticking up in a series of creative peaks on one side of his head] It’s called “bed head.” It happens when people roll out of bed to let their lunatic author into their house at the crack of dawn.

Me: [narrows eyes] I’m not sure I appreciate your sass.

Albert: You have only yourself to blame for my personality.

Me: So let’s talk about your little conversation with Rosie yesterday. Where did that come from? I had no idea you had such an . . . interesting past.

Albert: Yeah, Rosie was pretty shocked by all that, too. But I think she’s come to terms with it now.

Me: [winks] Yeah, I bet she has.

Albert: Stop it. You’re going to be late for work.

I leave with a smile. Albert has a way of diffusing even the worst of bad moods. 

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  1. Super teaser! Wow, it never occurred to me to actually, personally interact with one of my characters–maybe someday…

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