I went through several different titles for this post, among them “Anticipation,” “READY,” and “The Frazzled State of the Union.” I think they all describe me right now. Here’s why.

Anticipation: Sixteen chapters of PULL are ready to go to my agent. There are only ten(ish) more that I need to slash to pieces, burn in a fire, and miraculously reassemble.

Oh, okay, it’s not that bad.

But it’s close.

And y’all? I am SO looking forward to having this story on submission. Going on sub TERRIFIES a lot of people, and given what happened last time I did this, you’d think I might be one of them.

But I’m not. I’m just


Ready for it to be out there. Ready for big-name editors to read it. Ready to spend every day wondering if today will be the day. Ready to be elated if the news is good. Ready to be disappointed if it’s bad.

Ready to get back on this horse, no matter what happens.

So, with PULL in a somewhat disheveled state and the goal of GET IT THE HECK OUT THERE looming in my mind, I feel that my mental state is a bit frazzled. 

But it’s a good frazzled. I think this thing is really coming together. My Betas were, as always, rock stars with their comments. And my English teacher friend who’s digging through it one chapter at a time? Yeah. She’s good.

It’s getting there, y’all.

I finally decided to call this post “Impatient” because that sums up how I feel right now. I want to fast-forward, when my friend and I have made it through the last chapter of PULL, and I’ve let a few days pass before printing the whole thing out (at Kinko’s, because really? Who has that kind of ink supply in their house?), and I’ve read through it in ONE SATURDAY with a pretty colored pen in my hand. (Not red.)

And then I’ll fix whatever last-minute things need to be fixed, and I’ll send it to Alanna.

I’m SO STINKING IMPATIENT to reach that moment. To see what she thinks. And to get it out there.

Where are you with your writing? Excited? Discouraged? Impatient, like me?

9 thoughts on “Impatient

  1. Well, I do not write, and can hardly spell things correctly for that matter! But I am super excited for you to get it submitted and I’m looking forward to hearing the updates! 😀

    Power through – you can do it! It was awesome before you “slash to pieces, burn in a fire, and miraculously reassemble”. Not even being a huge reader, I read it in 3 sittings! That says something!

    Will be keeping you in my thoughts/prayers as one stage ends and another in the process begins!

    1. Thanks Starr! It’s funny, because whenever I send something to betas, I always think it’s soooo close to perfect. And then I get it back and realize it’s sooooo far from perfect! But that is what’s supposed to happen–betas are there to show me the story’s weaknesses.

  2. I’m working on a YA fantasy right now. I wrote the first draft in three and a half weeks in August. It was fantastic because I really love the concept, and my MC is so different from anyone I’ve written before.

    Sometimes I know how you feel. I’m ready to fast forward to the place where my cps have gone through the ms, I’ve asked YOU to beta for me, and written a query and a synopsis and am all ready for agents to be rejecting me and making me cry. But then other days I’m like “nevernevernevernevernever all my work can be published posthumously.” 😛

    1. HA! Um, 3 1/2 weeks? You’re insane. And also my hero. Rejection is scary, especially since I’ve been there before. But I’m just ready to get the ball rolling, one direction or the other!

      1. (I am totally insane.) Yes, I would like to get the ball rolling, too. I have noticed that my most negative feelings about querying and stuff actually come when I’m NOT querying, when I’m preparing to query or working on something I know I’ll eventually query. When I’m doing it, as miserable as I am, I really do feel like I’m doing everything I can to get my foot in the door. It’s when I’m not that I get the anxiety that I’m somehow not trying hard enough if I don’t constantly have my toes dipped in the submission pool. (Which isn’t true–the best thing I can do for myself right now is make this ms kickass, rather than submit too early, which I have most certainly done before.)

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