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WHAT’S UP READERS!! GUESS WHAT? THE BLOG IS BACK, BABY!! Oh, I cannot tell you how excited I am! I’ve missed you! I’ve missed writing about all the dumb things that happen to me every day! I’ve missed reading your comments!

*deep breath*


So. My website got a virus a couple weeks ago. *wah, wah.* (sad trombone) If you get hacked, let me know and I’ll tell you everything I did to get it cleaned up. It was quite a circus, friends. And I’ve always hated the circus.

Here’s a summary of the last two weeks of my life:

1) I’m in Final Final Revisions with PULL, which is different from Final Revisions. After Final Revisions, I sent it out to beta readers, who had many a helpful comment. Their comments have resulted in several changes, the largest of which is that I’m moving the story from past tense to present tense. Yes. This is mucho work.

2) Here in the land of Final Final Revisions, I’m having another very trusted friend read as I edit and give me feedback. She is awesome. I should pay her. Maybe I will. Or maybe I’ll give her a pet ferret as a thank-you. Or I could offer to perm her hair like Madonna in the 80’s.

OH, THE STUPID JOKES YOU’VE MISSED OUT ON! Thanks, Hacker. You’ve deprived the world of my questionable sense of humor.

3) The pile of papers I need to grade is actually frightening. I’d take  a picture of it, but A) my camera is dead, B) my phone is full of pictures of Baby Girl and C) I just don’t have the energy.

How have you been??

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  1. So glad you made it back! Yes, I know the difference between Final Revisions and Final Final Revisions an Final Final Final….

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