Why Authors Make The Best Celebrities

One day I was standing in Books-A-Million with my husband. I picked up a copy of Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, which I’d wanted to buy for a while. On a whim, I took a picture of myself holding it and tweeted it to her. Seconds later, I had a response–straight from Kiersten herself! “Hey, you look really hot holding that book,” she said. “Thanks for buying it!”

When a friend of mine discovered I was listed right below Beth Revis on the Decatur Book Festival website, I totally freaked out and tweeted about it, including Beth in the tweet. I don’t remember what I said, but it was something ridiculous and fangirl-y. I mean, this is the author of Across The Universe! Again, seconds later, I had a reply from Beth. “That’s so cool!” she said.

Yeah…cool for me. I don’t know if being next to MY name is cool for her, though!

Cara Lynn Shultz and I have had many entertaining chats over Facebook and Twitter. Just today, we tweeted back and forth about the Smurfs and how creepy they were. When her publicist ran out of ARCs for her book Spellbound, she mailed me one of her own copies (signed, natch) for a giveaway I held on my blog–and in the envelope was a handwritten thank-you note to me. “Thanks for giving my book away on your website,” it said. “You rock!”

A couple weeks ago, after (finally) reading Divergent, I emailed Veronica Roth to tell her how much I’d enjoyed it. She wrote me back THE NEXT DAY and thanked me for my encouragement and support. Then she wished me well with the novel I’m going on sub with this fall.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. I’d say that 98% of all the authors I’ve tweeted, Facebooked, or emailed have replied to me–and not just replied, but taken the time to be kind and funny and encouraging.

How many movie stars do that for their fans? How many rock stars?

Not many. And that’s why, in my humble opinion, authors make the best celebrities ever.

13 thoughts on “Why Authors Make The Best Celebrities

  1. Count yourself in their company, girl…you’re the best celeb I know. You even have the very cute baby as an accessory, just like all the Hollywood celebs!!!

  2. I had a similar week — where through Twitter, or Facebook or blogs I connected with other writers (published and not). The support I got back was phenomenal. And through Kat Brauer’s Crits for Water earlier this year, I bid on and won a crit from YOU. That connection came at a particularly low spot for me — and reminded me that other writers do care.

    1. They really, really do. It’s such a unique community, I think. Authors are far more supportive of those of us still finding our way than other industries seem to be. Of course, I’ve never been a part of another industry, so that might not be true. But it seems true.

  3. I totally agree. Authors rock. I have so many wonderful stories like yours where authors have responded and befriended me. Authors are the best peeps ever, second only to our fans/readers of course, which are often authors too. 🙂

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