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The Grindstone: My New Best Friend

Okay. So. Here’s the deal.

I need to finish PULL (see below) by August 20 AT THE LATEST. Yes, yes, I originally said August 31, but I’m bumping that up because frankly, it needs to be bumped up. For lots of reasons. None of which I will go into now.

I wrote for an hour tonight and kept exactly two sentences out of all the sentences I wrote.

Yes. I want to cry.

Here’s the best part: After I went to the gym and wandered aimlessly for about thirty minutes, I came home and deleted th0se two sentences, replacing them with a paragraph that I will probably delete tomorrow.

This is all on Chapter 19. There will only be 25 chapters.


But the further I get into it, the more I am having to really work, really take my time with it. Rushing it gets me nowhere.

Rushing makes me better friends with the delete key.

So from now until August 20, I’m unplugging. Not just from blogging, but also from email and Twitter and Facebook.

Because any time I have now that school is starting back? Needs to be spent writing until this book is ready to go out to betas.

So if you need me, call or text. Otherwise, see you on the 20th! Or sooner, if I finish before that!

Have a happy week and a half!

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