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So, Veronica Roth And I Are Friend Soulmates

If you’re my Facebook or Twitter friend, you may have noticed something over the past few weeks.

I’ve developed a girl-crush on Veronica Roth and a book-crush on DIVERGENT.

Oh, and just a plain old crush on Four. (Not the number. If you’ve read DIVERGENT, you know who I’m talking about.)

(If you haven’t read it, STOP READING THIS AND GO GET IT.)


In the course of this girl-crush/book-crush thing, I started reading Veronica’s blog, which, omg, is genius and hilarious. One of the posts I read last night ended like this:


Like I said: GENIUS.

I’ve been reading her blog posts from WAY back. Back when she was working on something entirely different that ended up on the shelf. Back when DIVERGENT was just a twinkle in her eye.

And basically, I’ve discovered that we were meant to be best friends. Want to know why?

Of course you don’t. But I’m going to tell you anyway. Here goes:

1) We are both Amazon women. In Veronica’s FAQs, she says that she is six feet tall with shoes on. And guess what? She and I could have an eye-to-eye conversation. I still might have to look up to her a tiny bit, but I could just wear thicker soles than her, and hey! Problem solved. Also? We both have dark hair.

WE MIGHT AS WELL BE TWINS, people. And NO, I am not blowing this out of proportion and WHAT DO YOU MEAN I KEEP YELLING THINGS RANDOMLY?

2) We are both Christians–but it gets better. Not only are we both Christians, we subscribe to the *same* theology/doctrine, namely Calvinism. IN FACT (yes, I know, I’m yelling again): we were part of the SAME campus ministry in college. What up, RUF!

Only she was at Northwestern and I was at Alabama.

And also she is six years younger than me, which means theoretically, I could have taught her in high school. Which blows my mind and also makes me want to throw up just a little bit, for some reason.

There aren’t all that many Calvinist/Reformed Christians around, PERIOD, but there are hardly any at all in the writing world. To be honest, I thought I was the only one.


Not sure why that got an evil laugh. Moving on:

3) She claims to have “thin skin” and absorbs other people’s pain–even FICTIONAL people. Right there with ya, V. (That’s what I call her now that we’re besties.) In fact, I’ve blogged about this before: how I feel other people’s pain INTENSELY, even if I don’t know them–and I also feel fictional pain. Like, lie-awake-thinking-about-it kind of feel.

4) Almost every metaphor on her blog is about food. I don’t know that I necessarily do that on my blog, but I do think about food almost all the time.

5) She gets bored by classical literature. Me too. I know those old, character-driven books are good; but I don’t like them. I guess, being a writer, maybe I should. But I don’t.

6) We both spent a year on a manuscript that we ultimately shelved. Hers was something she called TM (The Manuscript) and mine was SYNTHESIS. Oh, the pain. But it had to be done.

So as you can see, pretty much every facet of our lives overlaps. We might as well be twins. Maybe I’ll write a book called CONVERGENT in which the five factions decide that, hey, maybe we should all get along.

Although that might be slightly less exciting.

If you would like to escape my psychotic delusions and check out Veronica’s blog for yourself, you can do so here.

And if you’d like to buy DIVERGENT, it’s available at all the usual places.

(Veronica, if you somehow stumbled upon this post and are convinced that I should be locked up, well… maybe I should. But not because I’m a stalker; just because I’m a little bit crazy.)

Happy weekend, all.

12 thoughts on “So, Veronica Roth And I Are Friend Soulmates

  1. I look up to tall people. That’s all.

    Oh, and I’m a Christian too, but I can’t define it quite so succinctly.

    Very funny post and I admit to also, ahem, “stalking” her blog. Once.

  2. She’s totally stalk-worthy. Perhaps we should invite her to experience the delights of Birmingham (and I say “we” because I stalk you, so if you’re stalking her then I, in essence, am stalking her by default).

    I love that you were the first person I thought of when I read DIVERGENT. I love that you’re crushing on Four. (Did I just say “crushing on”? Oh my….) I love the pancakes I made this morning. It’s a good day, Riley.

    Hope I see you soon….coffee date?

  3. I’m afraid to admit that I haven’t read Divergent yet, though it’s on my list of books to buy! *ducks* I’ve heard to many amazing things about it. This is a nice twist to see someone saying great things about the author too! You rock. 😉

    1. Oh girl….like Anne said, put everything down and get that book! Put aside an evening and just read. It’s really good and Veronica Roth does a great job of pulling you in from page one.

    2. Heather: You rock too. And I really loved the book. Obviously. I always hesitate to talk books up as much as I’ve done with this one, but if I’m still thinking about it a month later, she must have done something right.

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