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This is one of those times where I am going to blog even though I shouldn’t, because for realz, y’all, I’m so tired I can’t even see straight.

I’m SURE I’m the only one who EVER gets tired. (waka waka waka!)

(See what I mean? I should close the computer NOW. But alas, all sense has abandoned me, and I will proceed with my useless musings.)

Okay. So. Here’s what is going on with me these days:

1) School is in full swing. Much as I love the kiddos (yeah, they’re 16 and 17-ish in age, but I can still call them kiddos), I am SHOCKINGLY exhausted already. It feels like February or something. This is week three of the year.

*takes deep breath*

Yep. Anyway.

2) Today was an awesome day, because two of my FABULOUS (and very pretty) beta readers sent me their comments on PULL–and OMG have I told you guys how much I adore the beta phase of writing? Because when I sent it out to them, I didn’t see any mistakes. Well, not really. I knew there were parts that needed help, but A) I didn’t know what, exactly, was wrong with them and B) I was on the verge of tearing my hair out and/or going blind from staring at my screen so much.

So I sent it to the betas, and whaddya know? They saw the problems, and now I know what to do.

Ahhhhh. Good feeling.

3) DECATUR BOOK FESTIVAL IS THIS WEEKEND!! Who all is going? I’ll be at the Emerging Authors Pavilion at 2:50 on Saturday to speak for exactly ten minutes, and then I’ll sign some books. Or casts. Or bare forearms. Or just whatever. And I would *love* to see you there.

(PS: First two people to find Rachel Hawkins at DBF and say “bellyspider” get a free copy of something she calls the “Naked Bulgarian” edition of Hex Hall. I don’t know what that means, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious.)

4) My book club met the other night and nobody seemed to have anything in mind for this month’s read. So I was like, “Okay y’all, I have an entire ARSENAL of books to recommend, but I don’t want to dominate the club, so–”

And before I could even finish, they were all YES PLEASE TELL US WHAT TO READ!

You know why? Because in the past, I’ve picked The Hunger Games and Matched.

I bet you’ll NEVER guess what I picked this time. NEVER.

Oh. You got it on the first try. Hmm.

It’s possible that I’m not as unpredictable as I like to think.

Weeellll anyway.

5) Parents Night was last night at school. So basically I talked rapid-fire about things that didn’t make a whole lot of sense (as most things that come out of my mouth are wont to do) for twelve minutes and then shook hands and wished I could remember everyone’s names. Because our school parents are lovely, y’all. Genuinely lovely.

6) Tonight I am going to see THE HELP with my sista! I CAN’T WAIT! I love the book, I love the characters, and I love that Kathryn Stockett graduated from . . .


So basically I’m so excited I’m practically vibrating. It’s what my work-BFF calls “small dog syndrome.” Yep . . . I’ve got it right now. Combined with exhaustion and over-caffeination.

How are y’all?

(PS: Anybody keep up with how many times I said “y’all” in this post? I’m pretty sure it’s at least 46.)

16 thoughts on “Randomosity

    1. Washington state? I have ALWAYS wanted to go there! But getting to Seattle costs about as much as getting to Europe, sooo… not gonna happen anytime soon.

  1. LOVED The Help, filmed here where I live so all those women with beehives and children by the pool are my FRIENDS yo!

    Also Divergent is my next read because you are so in LURVE with it. AND also my friend Signe Pike is going to be in Decatur, and you who I feel may be my new cyber-soulmate AND Rachel. It’s too much. I’m so jealous.

    1. I loved it, too! Although it was emotionally exhausting, I must say. And your friends were in it! How cool! I so, SO wish you were going to be in Decatur. But the fact that you are reading DIVERGENT next almost makes up for the fact that I won’t see you. Almost.

  2. SOOO honored to be a beta reader and I’m glad my peanut gallery comments were of help!!!

    Can I tell you that I just love “small dog syndrome”!? I’ll be using that phrase from now on! I think the lack of sleep thing helps that and I think that came across in my comments haha

    RTR can’t wait for football either Y’ALL ;D


  3. I love you.

    Glarbity Mom.

    This was a most entertaining blog post and you should write one like it again. The need to read it again is great within me.

  4. <– slow beta….but I'm working on it. In my defense (not that I need one but because I feel guilty that others have beaten me to the punch), I do have a simply adorable new niece, a very disturbing amount of homework for my classes, and am freshly broken up with my boyfriend (and it wasn't pretty….yes, I cried in front of him *ugh*) but I am definitely working on it and will be sending it your way promptly.

    And lunch on the 10th is bueno. Where?

    1. You are SO fine, honey, you’re not slow at all! And yes, you have a ton going on, and if you need a few more days, no worries. I will email you about lunch so that the stalkers do not find us. Sorry about the bf 🙁

      1. Also, if possible I’d love to join book club. I realize I’m a busy girl with a very random schedule, but I’d like to come if possible. I’ve always wanted to be in one and what better way to kick it off than with an awesome book like DIVERGENT?!

  5. Oh, man. I want to give Ansley a hug in the worst way. “Breaking up is hard to do . . .” I’ve only ever been in that position, like, a million times!!

    Glad to have offered my input, but you have no business calling me pretty! I’m seriously hating my new hair cut. I cried in private the other day. *rolls eyes* 🙁

    Totally LOL’d when I scrolled down and saw that image of Divergent. I’m hooked now – because of YOU! It’s on my must-read short list. 😀

    1. I saw a picture of your hair, and it is soooo cute! Why do you hate? And yes, Divergent is pretty much wonderful!

    2. Hugs are definitely a good thing for me. I should blog about it but my blog isn’t private and….well, you know. He kept pretty close tabs on Facebook and wouldn’t want to be rude. I mean, who knows, he might have followed me here. Wow….now that just sounds creepy.

      But for real, thanks for the cyber hug!

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