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Let The Crazy Begin

First of all, my dears, if you’ve seen me update my blog like five times today but every time you check it, the post is blank:


WordPress, evidently, decided to go on strike for a few hours this morning.

However, we’re up and running again, which means I can go ahead and bless your souls with my aimless train of thought.

Aren’t you so glad WordPress is working?

Anyway, it’s August. Which means several things:

1) It is HOT as fire down here. I do feel bad for the rest of the country who has suffered such ridiculous heat, but I do want to point out that it hits us EVERY YEAR. Temps in the 100’s are protocol around these parts. But we do have AC everywhere, so that helps. I’m sure those in the north without AC were absolutely miserable, and truly–as a hater of hot weather–my heart goes out to you.

2) School is about to start. *hyperventilates*

3) I have my first official book signing scheduled for August 20! It will take place in my husband’s hometown of Sylacauga (that’s sill-ah-CAW-ga), AL. See my “Events” page for more deets.

4) My self-imposed deadline to finish writing PULL is August 31. *hyperventilates again* One thing making that easier? My crit group, made up of myself and two other girls that I just adore. Two chapters at a time, they are helping me shape PULL into something acceptable.

What’s going on with you this month?

8 thoughts on “Let The Crazy Begin

  1. Anne – I AM glad wordpress is back up! I love listening to your ramblings 😀 How exciting about your 1st book signing! Sylacauga is such a great little town ~ I visited a few times back in the college days. And the heat, you should hear people talk about how humid it is up here (DC area), they have no idea! ;D But you are right about the northern areas not being use to it or having as powerful ACs. With football around the corner I know I’m looking forward to some cooler temps and excited about the business it has brought my little shop on etsy! Can’t wait to partner up when you have a some more time for a give away with you!!! Keep up the good work!

    1. Starr, I LOVE your stuff! I am going to order several things once I actually have a chance to look and decide. There are too many great options and I can’t wait for a giveaway, either!

  2. It’s been so hot here the last two days too! We’re used to hotter weather on a more consistent basis though so I’m not complaining. It’s been a mild year overall for us.

    Yay for your first signing! How fun, exciting, and terrifying. 🙂 Me, I’ve been juggling the craziness that is debuting. Speaking of fun, exciting, and terrifying…

    1. I feel your pain! And I didn’t even do an official blog tour. Good luck! Can’t wait to showcase you and I really can’t wait to read the book!

  3. Hot here too in Chattanooga. Ugh.

    Congratulations on being near the end of Pull!! (throws confetti)

    I’m working on a sequel to my novel. It’s going slower than I thought. I’m between 1/4 and 1/3 into the draft. And I’m not one of those writers who can do 5,000 words a day. Oh, well, every 1,000 words helps.

    1. Listen, I can’t do that much in a day, either. Or, I can, but it’s not good quality and I just have to rewrite it later on.

      Congrats on making it to a sequel!

  4. It’s crazy hot where I live too. Good thing my community pool is a few blocks down. 🙂
    I’m starting to hyperventilate because I’m not ready for all the crazy kids or buying school supplies. Again. Why can’t summer last any longer?
    Congrats on your first book signing. That is…such a cool name. I’m sure that will be very exciting. I can’t wait to see what this book I heading. Good luck!

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