Heather Has A Secret

My dear friend Heather McCorkle has some big news: She’s publishing her first book! And she’s been kind enough to stop by for a few of reasons: One, to tell us a little about her novel, The Secret of Spruce Knoll; second, to tell us one of her deepest, darkest secrets; and third, to give you a chance to win some great books and swag!

Oh, okay, it’s not that deep and dark.

First, though, let’s take a look at her FABULOUS book, The Secret of Spruce Knoll!


Following the tragic death of her parents, Eren Donovan moves to Spruce Knoll to live with her aunt. Little does Eren know the entire town of Spruce Knoll is filled with “channelers”–a magical group of people who immigrated to the small Colorado town when they were driven out of their own lands.

Channelers are tied to the fate of the world. As the world slowly dies, so do they–and they alone have the power to stop the destruction of the Earth.

Now, Eren learns she not only lives among them, but she is one. When she meets local boy Aiden, his charm convinces her that being a channeler may not be all bad.


Yeah. It pretty much sounds amazing.

Heather is sharing secrets as part of her blog tour. I asked her: “What is your guilty pleasure movie?”

“I have two,” she said. “The Chronicles of Riddick (there’s just something about that movie, and Vin Diesel, I must admit) and How To Train Your Dragon. I love dragons fiercely, what can I say?”

And finally, Heather is giving away some AWESOME stuff to celebrate her book’s birthday–and one of the prizes is a copy of The Secret of Spruce Knoll!

If you’d like to enter Heather’s giveaway and see what you could win, you can click HERE.

If you would like to go ahead and order her book, you can find it on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble. The e-versions are coming soon!

7 thoughts on “Heather Has A Secret

  1. I have followed Heather’s journey via your good self and I am pleased to see that she is going to realize her dream. Her novel sounds appealing as does her penchant for Riddick. The first Riddick movie was filmed in my own back yard.

    Well done Heather!

  2. Hi, Heather, Hi, Anne… It’s nice to meet you.

    Heather I also love the Chronicles of Riddick…. I must check out How to train your dragon… it sounds terrific.

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