The Decatur Book Festival Is About To Get Rileyed

For the record, that may be the worst title I’ve ever come up with for a blog post. Even counting the ones entitled “Blerg.”

Oh well.

If you haven’t seen my gleeful Twitter and Facebook updates, then you may not know a very exciting piece of information: I’ll be at the Decatur Book Festival in Decatur (just outside of Atlanta), Georgia!

But I won’t just be there as a spectator, which would be COMPLETELY AWESOME in and of itself. But the awesome has been taken to a whole new level because I will be there AS AN AUTHOR!

I’ll have a speaking time, with a book signing immediately following.


Libba Bray. Rachel Hawkins. Myra McEntire. Stephanie Perkins. Anne Riley.

Okay, it’s not exactly like that. I’ll be with the Emerging Authors tent, since, you know, I’m not exactly what one would call an “established” author.


I am so excited I can hardly stand it! And even if I don’t sell or sign a single book, I will get to meet SO MANY FABULOUS AUTHORS!

The festival is September 2-4. Yes, Labor Day weekend. Will you be there? Tell me if you will, and then make sure you come find me! I’ll post more info about the speaking/signing times as it gets closer.

Just one step closer to taking over the world, people.

7 thoughts on “The Decatur Book Festival Is About To Get Rileyed

  1. Natalie, Heather and I will be there so we will definitely be stopping by to see you!

    You should totally have dinner with us Saturday night if you aren’t doing author-ly things

    1. Maybe, but we will probably have a full car. Baby will be with us and possibly parents-in-law.

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