A friend of mine was on the Decatur Book Festival website yesterday and found something really cool. Here is the “R” section of authors that will be at the festival. Can you find the exciting part about this list?

(Hint: It has to do with the placement of my name . . .)

Well I didn’t know it would be so blurry, so in case you can’t see it, that’s BETH REVIS right above ANNE RILEY.

Because we’re TOTALLY in the same classification. *snort* But ISN’T THAT THE COOLEST?

In other news, if you haven’t made plans to attend the Decatur Book Festival, WHAT are you waiting for?!

13 thoughts on “Excitement!

  1. I was so excited for you when I saw that!

    I was actually on the phone with a friend and she was in the middle of saying something when I saw it and I kind of yelled “OMG THAT’S ANNE UNDER BETH REVIS!” and I had to explain the Anne being under Beth

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA thanks for telling me about it – I never would have found it on my own!

    1. I know what you mean. If I wasn’t already in Alabama, I would be hard pressed to go. This is about the only thing I can afford to be at!

  2. So exciting! How does a person go about getting on a festival list like that, anyway? Good for you!

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