Happy Sunday morning, all! I was supposed to do this yesterday, but… I didn’t.

So, here we are.

Oh, and PS: I was TOTALLY wrong about how many entries we had! There weren’t just two of you, as I previously thought. I was off by more than 30%! That’s right – THREE of you entered!

Which means the arena-death-face-off should take place between:

ANSLEY, who is the luckiest person on Earth and has won at least three of my giveaways, even the ones where over a hundred people entered;

DANA, who beat me in a Writer’s Duel almost a year ago, which resulted in me having to post this picture of myself;

and CAROL, who… well, I don’t know Carol very well, but I am sure she’s a lovely person and I wish I did know her better!

Ansley and Dana both have two entries because they Facebooked and tweeted about the contest respectively; Carol has one entry.

I’ll assign numbers, then have my husband pick our winner.

1-2 Ansley

3-4 Dana

5 Carol

Me: “Hey Rob, pick a number from one to five.”

Rob: “Three.”

So there you have it, folks – Dana has won the Summer Bookfest Week One Giveaway of GUANTANAMO BOY! Congrats Dana! Please email me via the contact page with your mailing address – and get ready for another Writer’s Duel, missy!

Everyone else, please check back tomorrow when I’ll have an absolutely KICKIN’ new release to give away! (PS – if you’d like a sneak peek of what I’ll be giving away, check out Afterglow Book Reviews – you can find a link on my sidebar!)

6 thoughts on “Winner of GUANTANAMO BOY

  1. Yay! I rock! Okay…it’s not like I actually had to do anything to win except for be present but at least I did that well. Ha. (i’m such a dork.) We should duel again! THough I’m still editing my MS, I could take a break to SPANK YOU AGAIN! HAHA!

    I’ll message you my info. THanks again and I’ll see what you have next week too.

    1. I’m writing something totally new, so I need a kick in the pants for word count!! Let me know when you’re ready!

    1. You didn’t comment on the blog, did you? Sometimes your comments get filtered as spam for some reason, but I usually catch them. Hope I didn’t miss you!

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