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Update On Operation Hotmother; Also, Some Other Stuff

Well peeps, that scale hasn’t budged just yet. But that’s okay; it’s just like that movie What About Bob? “Baby steps, baby steps.” Unfortunately I haven’t remembered to take pictures of everything I eat, BUT I plan to really focus on that starting tomorrow.

After all, why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?

In a related story, I am a serial procrastinator. Don’t know if you’ve noticed.

In other news, my new WIP is going pretty well! In fact, Little Bit’s daycare opened up on Thursday (it’s a daycare for teachers’ kids only, so they are normally closed over the summer) so she got to go play while Mama went to Panera and worked on her book.


Other things you can do in six hours:

  • Fly to Europe from the United States
  • Drive from Birmingham to Louisville, New Orleans, Savannah, or the beach
  • Get (almost) a full night’s sleep
  • Watch an entire season of Dawson’s Creek

My backside was a little numb (not unlike the numbness that does, in fact, accompany a transatlantic flight) (or that accompanies a Dawson marathon, although that’s more a numbness of the brain) but it was a great day of writing and I was so thankful for the time to work.

I did get some funny looks from the cashiers at Panera, but that could be because I paid for breakfast AND lunch in quarters.

They really should have been grateful, though, because what cashier doesn’t need more quarters?

In other news, one person who won a copy of The Clearing has not responded to my email. Patsy Cain, I need your address! If I don’t hear from you by June 15, I’ll be forced to select another winner, and I’d really like for you to get this book since you did win it. Pipe up, Patsy!

Also, I’ll announce the winner for my giveaway of GUANTANAMO BOY tomorrow. Well, hopefully. We’re scheduled for three wedding showers and a rugby tournament tomorrow, but I don’t know how many of those things we’ll actually make it to, so… chances are I’ll select a winner tomorrow. And I’m pretty sure a whopping TWO people entered anyway, so THE TENSION WILL BE HIGH, oh yes it will.

Maybe we should have the two entrants fight to the death in an arena, Hunger Games style. That might be more interesting than me pointing to a name on a piece of paper. Thoughts?

Ah. The beast has awoken. And by “the beast” I mean my baby. I’ll be back tomorrow to assign weapons and backpacks full of supplies to my two giveaway entrants. Until then, have a great Friday!

3 thoughts on “Update On Operation Hotmother; Also, Some Other Stuff

  1. I vote for picking the winner via pie eating contest. Great that you got so much! Six hours? I have a Panera down here, never thought to write there. I’m more of an It’s A Grind (coffee shop) kinda gal.

    Have fun at the showers…or rugby.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  2. I’m pretty sure I’ve done the quarters thing a couple hundred times. Sometimes I add in nickels and pennies just for kicks. Before Lydie I had been a food service cashier/manager for like 5 years and I can seriously tell you EVERY cashier ALWAYS needs more coinage.

    Can’t wait to hear more about OP Hot Mother – I may or may not be totally pigging out at the inlaws while we house sit so…. yeah I’ll do it later.

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