The Summer Bookfest Giveaway Begins: GUANTANAMO BOY [closed]

Last week, I hinted about how I had a few things to give away this summer. And guess what? Anne Riley’s Summer Bookfest Giveaway begins TODAY! Here’s how it will work:

I’m going to give away one book every week. That’s right! A new giveaway EVERY. WEEK! Some of them will be ARCs. Some will be new releases. Some will be traditionally published. Some will be high-quality self-published. One thing I can guarantee? YOU WILL LOVE THEM!

I’ll post each giveaway on Monday and announce the winner on Saturday. Before you enter, you’ll need to follow this blog by clicking “Join This Site” in the box of faces on the sidebar. Once you’ve done that, simply leave a comment to enter the giveaway!

You can get a bonus entry for posting a link on Facebook to the giveaway (please tag me!)

You can also get a bonus entry for tweeting a link to the giveaway (please mention me @AnneRiley!)

Our first book is GUANTANAMO BOY by Anna Perera. Given the WSJ article that ran this week about darkness in YA, I figured, what better way to start my giveaway than with a book about a teen boy in prison?

Here’s the blurb:


Innocent until proven guilty? Not here, you’re not. Robbed of his childhood, this is one boy’s fictional experience of the war on terror.

Khalid, a fifteen-year-old Muslim boy from England, is abducted from Pakistan while on holiday with his family. He is taken to Guantanamo Bay and held without charge, where his hopes and dreams are crushed under the cruelest of circumstances.

An innocent denied his freedom at a time when most boys are finding theirs, Khalid tries and fails to understand what’s happening to him.


Disclaimer: I haven’t read this book yet. It was sent to me with a couple other ARCs from the same publisher, and I’m not sure it’s really up my alley. But it might be something you, or someone you know, would be interested in!

So if you’d like a chance to win GUANTANAMO BOY before its release on September 1:

  • Make sure you’re a follower of this blog by clicking “Join This Site” in the sidebar and following the prompts
  • Leave a comment on this post saying you’d like to win this book. Also, be sure to tell me if you Facebooked or tweeted for extra entries.

I’ll announce the winner on Saturday! Oh, and this giveaway is open internationally!

7 thoughts on “The Summer Bookfest Giveaway Begins: GUANTANAMO BOY [closed]

  1. I had to quit Twitter bc I was spamming my loved ones, so I will Facebook it 🙂 Add me to your list!

      1. It REALLY wasn’t my fault, ya know. Some stupid hacker man is to blame. And so if I never win another giveaway, I shall blame it on said hacker.

  2. I want it! And I retweeted your tweet on twitter. (Say that three times real fast.)

    And how are you getting these book ARC’s little missy. I want on that list!

    1. Oh I have my ways. They’re not always the most dignified ways, but they work. JK. I’ll facebook you my secrets.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway and for opening it to worldwide entries.

    I have been quite concerned about what I have read over the past year on what happened at Guantanamo so I would be interested to see what the author has to say about this.

    I Follow via GFC

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