So, My SPELLBOUND Giveaway Just Got Even More Awesome

So I’m on Twitter, right? And I’m talking to Cara Lynn Shultz, author of SPELLBOUND, which is the book I’m giving away this week. And we’re talking about the giveaway, and she saw that I’d tried to get an ARC but there weren’t any left, so her publicist was going to mail a finished copy to the giveaway winner.

She thought my giveaway was pretty cool, so when I saw how many people were entering to win, I sent her a tweet saying, “Girl, 25 people entered to win your book in like, 6 hours. Excitement!”

And she’s all, “That’s awesome! I think I have an extra ARC so if you want I’ll send it to you so you can do two winners if you want!”

…Wait, HUH?!

And then as I’m messaging her my address / freaking out about having TWO winners for this giveaway, she OH SO CASUALLY mentions that she will be SIGNING THE ARC.

And she’ll just put it in the mail tomorrow, thank you very much.


What this means is: We now have TWO people who will win a copy of SPELLBOUND! The first winner I select will have their choice of signed ARC or unsigned finished product; the second winner will receive whichever is left!

(PS – Cara says she is “pretty sure” she has an extra ARC, but if not, she’ll just send a finished copy. I assume she’ll sign it, either way. WINNING!)

So the moral of this story is:

A) Cara Lynn Shultz is awesome and lovely and generous

B) If you haven’t entered to win a copy of her debut YA novel SPELLBOUND, I suggest you hightail it to the post below and do so IMMEDIATELY!!!

*EDITED TO ADD: Only comments on the original giveaway post (below) will be counted as entries.*

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