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THE CLEARING Gets A Makeover!

I don’t usually read reviews of my novel, The Clearing, mostly because for every fifty glowing reviews, I’ll remember the one negative comment someone made. So I tend to avoid the whole scene altogether. But in the reviews I have read, the one complaint people seemed to have the most was about the cover.

Now, we all know that, in spite of everyone’s encouragement to the contrary, we ALL judge books by their covers.

Don’t deny it. You know it’s true.

Since I didn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a professionally designed cover for The Clearing, I kinda just threw something together and called it a day. I didn’t take into account how important a good cover is. And you know what’s really sad about that?

I friggin’ majored in graphic design, people. Well, sort of. My degree is in advertising, but anyone else who’s majored in that particular field knows that, like, 75% of what you do is graphic design.

So, in theory, I could’ve done a much better job. Except that I don’t have the money to buy the fancy design software. So I did kind of a lame job instead.

This is The Clearing’s first cover:


And this is the new cover I just made for it… FOR FREE.


It’s not as fancy as some HarperTeen cover would be, but I really like it a lot more. What do you think? I just like the color scheme a lot more, and I loooooooove the font!

Oh, PS – If you try to order it in the next couple days, you won’t be able to because of the cover switcharoo that is happening. But soon, it will be back on the market. Patience, young grasshoppers. Patience.

Seriously though. What do you think? Better? Worse?

25 thoughts on “THE CLEARING Gets A Makeover!

  1. Anne, it looks great! The second cover puts you IN the clearing and i love that perspective that gave it – just draws you in and makes you want to explore! And the size of the forest around you is somewhat of a parallel to there are much bigger things than you going on… love it!

  2. much better. I didn’t want to say anything, but I really didn’t like the first one. It had no dimension. Good for you for making the change.

  3. Anne! I absolutely LOVE IT!

    Now I want one even though I have the original. AHH

    Note to self: Don’t get so many books personalized

  4. Anne, I LOVE IT! It looks amazing….so much more likely to pick it up off the shelf now because, let’s be honest, I look at the cover first. Great job.

  5. I love the new cover! I love looking through the pages and pages of books on B&N, and find that an interesting cover really draws me to look at the book. 🙂

    I tried to enter you contest, but google friend connect isn’t working. I did do everything else on the list though, and submitted the form. 🙂

    1. Thanks Susi! Just try it again at some point, it’s been acting weird for me lately, too – but don’t worry, I will accept your entry!

  6. Love it! I’m one of those reviewers who mentioned the cover. What can I say? I’m a cover art connoisseur. It’s not that I judge a whole book by its cover. It’s just that I LOVE it when a cover speaks to me the same way the book itself does. And The Clearing definitely spoke to me.

    This is a great new cover. I love the way the title *clears* out the forest picture, doubly a clearing. Very clever. It gives a sense of richness, but is still simple. My only suggestion if you change it again would be to add one of your blurbs. I’m sure you’ve had some other published authors read and comment on it at this point, so you’ve probably got some high praise sitting around somewhere. 🙂 Work it!

    1. Oh, a blurb would be a good idea. I’ll add that for the next go-around 🙂 Thanks Katrina!

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