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Monday Roundup

It seems to be a trend these days that Monday is my “Hey, come read these eighteen random tidbits of information I have to tell you!” day. And I don’t know how you all feel about that.

So why don’t you tell me?

And while you’re telling me, why, wouldn’t you know it? I have some tidbits. But instead of our usual numbered list, I’m doing different-colored paragraphs today.

LOOK OUT, WORLD. Here we go:

Why, yes, I am still giving away copies of my first novel, THE CLEARING! Thank you so much for asking! Here’s the link to the entry form. Giveaway ends May 31!

Did you know that the book review blog I write for, Afterglow Book Reviews, is hosting an EPIC giveaway? All you have to do is follow the blog and leave a comment to enter. Check it out here.

Now that we’ve got the giveaway business all done, let’s talk about this week. Today was supposed to be an optional day at school, but thanks to the various snowstorms and tornados and all other manner of crazy weather we’ve had around here, it’s now non-optional. Which means there are a lot of surly students (and teachers) slinking up and down the halls wearing dark expressions.

It’s just delightful, as you can imagine.

But the rest of the week will be finals and tying up some loose ends before the summer, so it’s no biggie. I can handle one more day. *cries*

Is anyone else getting tired of the colors? Me too. I’m stopping now.

So I just checked out my sales info for THE CLEARING, and you guys… thanks. Sales are up this month. I have no idea why, but they are. It’s certainly not anything to do with my marketing efforts, because those have been pretty much limited to giveaways. I’m seriously grateful to those of you who have spent your hard-earned money on my book. For realz.

Speaking of THE CLEARING, several people have inquired about the possibility of a sequel. Yes, I do plan to write THE CLEARING 2: CLEAR AS MUD one day, but I’m not sure when. I’m working on my magical WIP at the moment, and I want to have it on sub by the fall, so… maybe while it’s being passed around from editor to editor and I’m looking for something to make the crazy go away.

But as of right now, THE CLEARING 2: CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF is just a dream in my head.

(Listen, if Rachel Hawkins can have fun with fake titles for her Hex Hall sequels, why can’t I do the same?)

And now, to wrap up this seemingly endless mound of blathering foolishness: A vow.

If and when I ever get traditionally published, I vow to remain true to this blog’s purpose, that being the entertainment and nonsensical silliness you’ve come to expect. I will not, as so many breakout authors seem to have done, forgo the silliness to bring you news of my continued success in the publishing world: awards I’ve won, foreign rights I’ve sold, etc.

I will not do it, Readers. Because some of my favorite bloggers have done this, and I feel like I have lost them.

YOU WILL NEVER LOSE ME. No matter how hard you try or how many millions of books I sell. (Well, hopefully millions.)


See y’all later. Have a great week.

10 thoughts on “Monday Roundup

  1. I love your silliness, so it’s with great relief that you aren’t going to become one of “those” authors. I *love* “those” authors, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t always love (or even like) reading about book signings and trips and etc, etc, etc.

    But HOORAY for book sales going UP!

  2. Lots of exciting tidbits! 🙂 We haven’t had snow days in years up here – the powers who be have decided they’ll cancel buses on really bad days, but the schools will remain open, so we teachers have to brave the roads and go. The upside is we don’t have extra days tacked on 🙂

    1. Oh, that is nice! We don’t have extra days, either. Hence being in school today. ugh.

  3. LOL, Anne! I promise, I don’t mind if you blog about your awards/successes/foriegn rights/etc. 🙂 I’ll be totally cheering for you. I don’t mind when authors do that–as LONG as they also continue with their fun and silly posts in between. 🙂

    Happy Monday!

    1. Yeah, you’re right. I don’t mind either, unless it takes over everything and I lose the personableness (is that a word?) that first attracted me to their blog. BUT – this is what my “news” section will be used for. The blog will remain silly. 🙂

  4. I think I just had a rainbow induced seizure. Thank god for your sunny disposition. Given that you’re headed into the beauty of summer, whilst we are descending into the dead of winter, your sunny disposition will be a welcome diversion to the rain storms here.

  5. Ooh, so glad to hear your sales are up! Word of mouth works! Yay! It really is a great book and you deserve all the success you get.

    And woot for the Afterglow Beginning of Summer Giveaway! 30 entries on day 1!

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