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Diving Into The Wild World Of Couponing

Ok. I’m *not* one of those women from that show about crazy coupon people. Nor do I want to be. But I am going to attempt to reduce our grocery bill each month by using coupons.

And if you’ve got any savvy tricks of the trade, I’d love to hear them!

BUT WAIT. Things you should know before commenting:

1) I am not up for the whole drugstore game. I’ve tried it, and it made me pull my hair out. No more.

2) I will not grocery shop at Wal-Mart. It completely stresses me out.

3) We don’t eat a lot of packaged foods, i.e. crackers, cookies, soft drinks, etc. It’s more the meat and frozen veggie type stuff.

4) I will only be going to one store every week.

I know the whole “combine store coupons with MF coupons” thing, but is there anything else? How do you do it without spending hours every week flipping through ads? SHARE YOUR WISDOM!

Oh, and happy end of the school year!!

10 thoughts on “Diving Into The Wild World Of Couponing

  1. Anne, love your “Things you should know before commenting”, it makes all the difference. I JUST had this couponing conversation with a group of girls Tuesday that are all into it and I am on the outside of it all. I can’t wait to get some good answers on here!

    1. So far, my facebook page is proving more useful than the comments here. Go check it out!

    1. What? What does that even mean? And who is “uh oh?” Weird. I would say this is a spambot, except for the slight hint of sarcasm… SarcasBot? Is that you?

  2. The only version of coupons I can manage to use is the Kroger plus card, but my problem is I get really picky about brands. I only like one kind of soymilk (and it’s not Silk) and the only company that makes coffee flavored yogurt is Dannon. So if that stuff isn’t on sale, I won’t go buy the yogurt that IS on sale, I’ll just buy the coffee yogurt.

    1. Luckily, I have zero brand loyalty, which helps. My problem is, I’m not sure I have the time or energy for this, but I really want to save money on groceries so I’m trying to force it! Now that school is out, hopefully I can do it.

  3. My mom used to use coupons…no idea how she did it but I know she wasn’t as crazy as some*. But, I do know that she organized them in one of those accordion file folder thingys that’s the size of a 3×5 card…it helped! She also planned all our meals on Sundays and used ideas gleaned from the coupons she found.

    *Crazy people save some crazy money…I’m not hating. But, then again, I don’t eat a lot of Froot Loops.

  4. My best tip is to shop at Publix and gather coupons from everywhere. They take competitors coupons and if you catch the right manager they’ll price match that weeks current grocery circulars. The trick about the coupons though is that the competitor has to have a store within 7 miles (for instance the Publix on Valleydale does not accept Target coupons cuz it’s just outside of that, but the Publix in Alabaster does because the Alabaster Target is 2 miles away)

    Also – if you use she has an entire section where you can go print out coupons and another that details where she found other coupons and how to use them to get the best deal.

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