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Did You Really Think I Would Make It To Sunday?

So, when I said I wouldn’t be blogging again until Sunday, May 8, I figured I wouldn’t make it that long. But I thought I’d say it anyway, just so nobody would be disappointed if I really was MIA until then.

Several cool things are happening right now, and you know what? I just had to share them with you. So, in no particular order, here’s are some Nuggets of Coolness since my last blog post:

1. Ever since that monster of a tornado came through my state, there haven’t been a lot of things to smile about. In fact, I’ve done a lot of crying. But it’s been VERY cool to see how people have sacrificed their time, money, and effort without a second thought to help everyone around them. I’m tearing up just thinking about it right now. Better move on to Number 2.

2. From now on, I’ll be posting all book reviews at Afterglow Book Reviews. This is an AWESOME site that you should check out. Lots of people who are way cooler and prettier than me review books there, but, you know, I’m there too. In case you’re interested.

3. Speaking of book reviews, I recently reviewed one called DIE FOR ME by a fabulous debut author named Amy Plum, and OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS YOU HAVE TO READ IT BECAUSE IT IS SO AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL AND AWESOME. And it comes out Tuesday, May 10! Go! Pre-order it! DO IT NOW! Oh, but then come back here and keep reading. I think you’re cute.

(Incidentally, I’m convinced Amy Plum is made up of patience, because I keep emailing her about random stuff and she always writes back with the kindest responses EVER.)

4. You know how awful it is to listen to a recording of your voice? It’s even worse to watch yourself on TV. But if you’d like to see my first-ever television interview, this is it:

5. I’m about to do another giveaway of my first novel, The Clearing! I’ve got some spare copies from a library event I did back in March, and you know what? I would just LOVE to give them to you! Last time, I gave away five. This time? SIX! So your odds of winning are, like, HUGE. So check back tomorrow, and in the mean time, you can be prepping to enter the giveaway by doing things that will earn you extra entries, such as:

Again, you can’t officially enter the giveaway yet, but you can start getting ready for it by doing any or all of the above. It will behoove you, my friends. (Yep, “behoove” is a real word. Isn’t it awesome?)

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