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Those Pesky Details

Due to the emotional difficulties of this week and a manuscript that desperately needs editing, I will not be blogging again until Sunday, May 8.

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In my shellshocked daze yesterday, it seems I forgot to tell you that we are fine. Thank you for asking.

It was a close call, though; here is a map of the storms/tornadoes from Wednesday. The black dot within the green circle is where we live; the lines of red dashes are tornado paths.

I know you’ve seen all the photos and videos of the devastation, so I won’t post them here. I will simply say that we are safe, and we are very, very blessed.

Others, of course, were not so lucky. But I won’t share their stories here. There is enough heartbreak already without that.

On a somewhat cheerful note, two of my former students who just finished their freshman year at UA came to see me today. Naturally, we talked about Tuscaloosa and the destruction they’d just left behind. They were hurting, and parts of the conversations weren’t easy, but it was so good to see their faces.

Another positive thing from today is that my students gave me almost $400 to buy supplies for the tornado victims. This was especially encouraging given that I pretty much ambushed them with my request for cash; they had zero warning that anyone would be taking donations.

So Rob and I took their money to Wal-Mart and bought things like baby formula, diapers, toiletries, juice boxes (all the water had been bought by other people), baby wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. Then we drove all that over to a big truck in a nearby parking lot where – Surprise! – two of my students were helping to load up the goods for distribution.

So there have been a few bright spots. People are joining together to help. I know this is not the first disaster ever to strike the earth – in fact, Tuscaloosa was home to many a Katrina refugee when I was in school there – and I realize there are awful things going on every day. I hear about them. They hurt my heart.

But this?

This was my home.

The combination of my emotional instability and the halfway revised version of SYNTHESIS that is begging for my attention? Well, that doesn’t make for good blogging, folks. I need time.

Time to love on my husband and baby. Time to love on my students and plan a Cinco de Mayo party with them. Time to rework SYNTHESIS and get it on submission.

Time to help out the thousands of people in my city and neighboring areas who are in desperate need of support.

I love you all and will see you next Sunday.

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  1. I’m happy to hear that you are okay. My prayers and thoughts are with you and all those affected by the devestation.

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