12 thoughts on “There Are No Words

  1. This is so devastating and terribly sad. My heart is breaking for the people of this town and the others like it that have been affected by the tornadoes and crazy weather.

  2. My local radio station is sharing stories from the areas hit and raising money to help the relief effort. This morning they told the story of a 12 year old girl in our area who listened on the way to school. She pulled out $270 that she’s been saving for two years to buy an Ipod Touch and asked her dad to send it. Then they contrasted that story with people bringing their kids to the mall parking lot (with snacks) to watch while others try and salvage whatever they can of their lives.

    I’m glad there is still good people with hearts, but what happened to those other people to be so unfeeling?

  3. We were blessed down here in Auburn to not have this type of damage. We are all praying for the people who have lost so much. If anyone is in the Auburn area, we are having a supply donation drive today and tomorrow with the help of the Auburn Community Tennis Association and Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa at the City of Auburn / Auburn University Yarbrough Tennis Center off Richland Road. Please bring whatever you can, anything will be helpful!

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