North Shelby Library Event Recap

Last night I got to meet some of Birmingham’s most AWESOME aspiring authors at a local library. The shindig started at 6:00 and for the next hour we talked (well, mostly I talked) about writing, revising, crying about writing, building bridges and getting over things, and the Circus That Is Finding An Agent.

Oh, and we ate M&Ms.

I met some very cool new people from all over town. The age range was 9 weeks to 50+ years. There were women and men, high school kids and adults. There were moms and dads and single people and married people.

And then, once it was over, I hung around just long enough to get stuck in this on my way home:

At one point I thought I saw a funnel cloud over my head. “Hmm,” I mused, totally calm.* “If I have to bail out of this car and take cover somewhere, I wonder where the best place would be? Behind a building? Or lying flat in a ditch?”

(*By “totally calm” I mean that I was gripping the steering wheel and saying “Please God please God please God” while listening to the people on the radio say that there were tornados basically right over my house.)

(And of course my husband was in a different car. AND we had taken different ways home.)

I was positive that I was about to become a real-life version of Helen Hunt from that classic movie, Twister.

And if you’re wondering whether or not I was making that face, the answer is yes, yes I was. SCARED OUT OF MY WITS, PEOPLE. And I didn’t even have the hunky-mid-90’s-Bill Paxton to protect me from my impending doom.


In spite of my near death at the hands of several tornadoes and – I am not kidding – 75mph winds, I had a great night. And I even got another speaking gig for the summer at a different library.

I think a dear friend of mine is going to send me some photos from the night, so when she does I’ll be sure to post them. Gotta wrap this up now because my husband just came home from rugby practice and, y’know, he looks kinda cute.

Love y’all!

9 thoughts on “North Shelby Library Event Recap

  1. I kid you not that was the craziest weather I have EVER driven in.

    I live clear on the other side of town from that library and by time I hit the Lakeshore exit it was getting intense. Fast forward 5 minutes later and I could not see a single thing..except for the impressive vertical lightning strikes (which I was hoping none would pop up in front of my car and fry the electronics of it because that happened to a co-worker during the last set of severe weather we had a few weeks ago).

    I loved getting to see you and Natalie though and you did a fantastic job!

    1. Uh, yeah. I couldn’t see either. I was going about 5mph down Riverchase Parkway and I really thought, “Hey, I might die tonight. Well, it’s been a good life. I’m okay with it.”

      It was great to see you too!!

  2. Oh my goodness girl! I’m so glad you made it home all right! How freaky. I’m lucky, where we live there are no tornados. Glad to hear you had a good night despite the terrifying storm!

    1. Ooooh you are soooooo lucky! They are so scary. And they tend to literally drop down on you out of nowhere. Not cool, weather, you hear me??

  3. I’m glad your library event went well, but YIKES about the storm. Having spent my childhood summers in Kansas, I have a real appreciation for severe weather.

    And hooray for another speaking engagement!

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