Goals: I Have Some

I struggle with a multitude of things, but my biggest challenge is overcoming a severe disease that has plagued me since childhood.

Procrastinitis has held me back from reaching my full potential not only in my career but also in my home. Think of the papers that could have been graded! The lunches that could have been made the night before! The laundry that could have been washed before it became a habitat for small animals!

Sadly, there is no cure for Procrastinitis. Research has been conducted on many focus groups, but the results have yet to be published anywhere because, you know, they can always be published later. What’s the rush?

So in lieu of a medicinal cure, I’ve decided to overcome my Procastinitis through sheer force of will. I’ve got some goals, people, and today I am putting them on the internet where the tiny sliver of the population who finds me marginally interesting will see it! I’ll also list my reasons for making said goals as well as my plan of action, just in case anyone’s curious.

Sometimes, albeit rarely, there is a method to my madness.

GOAL #1: Get In Shape. This is not so much about losing weight as it is about being strong, energetic, and in a good mood – none of which describe me at the moment. Yes, it’s hard having a new baby. Yes, I have other things to do. BUT SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. I have no excuse.

Plan Of Action: I’m going to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, where I will do a combination of cardio and strength training. Heck, I might join one of those Zumba classes I keep hearing about. Oh, and HOLD THE PHONE: I just signed up for a 5K. (Did I mention I hate running? No?) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, I will go for a 30-minute walk or do some other kind of exercise.

GOAL #2: Write Every Day. Right now, what this really means is revise every day. SYNTHESIS and I are still tangled up in a Revision Rodeo at the moment, but at some point one of us is going to have to cry “Uncle” and I’m determined to wrestle that thing into submission. A sub-goal of Goal #2 is to have SYNTHESIS on submission by June 1.

Plan Of Action: I will edit at least one chapter of SYNTHESIS every day until it is out of my hands. And then I will begin my as-yet-unstarted novel entitled RIVEN.

GOAL #3: Clean My House. It is *unbelievable* how quickly our house gets messy. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we both work all day and have a baby. And I’m also sure none of you suffer from the same record-breaking messes that crop up around you during the week. But you know what I like? CLEAN THINGS. I am emotionally allergic to clutter. If you could see my desk at work right now, you wouldn’t believe me, but really. I. Hate. Clutter. (Disclaimer: My husband absolutely does his share of the work. But I have not mentioned that until now because these are MY goals, not his.) (And also I happen to enjoy cleaning things.) (Just call me Monica Gellar.)

Plan Of Action: I will clean up after myself, ask my husband to clean up after himself, and focus on one room of the house per day. I will make sure that room is sparkling clean before I go to bed at night. SPARKLING.

What made-up disease plagues you?

6 thoughts on “Goals: I Have Some

  1. Wait, YOU HAVE THIS TOO?! It’s so good to know you’re not alone with such a painful disease. Fist bump to your road of recovery!

  2. You are not alone! I wish I had the force of will to even make a list of things like this I keep saying I want to get done. Maybe I’ll get around to it eventually, but there’s time for that later.

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