Your Questions, Answered!

As promised, here are some of the questions I received with answers. I’m going to forgo any kind of witty intro here and just dive right in.

Heather asks: I’m curious about how the self-publishing experience was for you?

In a word? Bittersweet. I *love* the fact that The Clearing is out there now, available on Amazon for all the world to read (shameless plug). I love hearing people tell me how much they liked it. I love getting to talk about my characters, who for so long were known only to me and my agent. Oh, and the editors who rejected me.


It means I wasn’t picked up by anyone, and that hurts a little bit. I know it’s common, I know it happens to almost everyone. But still. It feels like… I dunno. It feels like someone I thought was going to ask me to prom never actually picked up the phone and called. That’s what it feels like. Still, this is what writing is all about. Pushing through the rejection to reach your audience any way you can. That’s what it’s about to me, anyway.

Alexandra asks: Hey Anne, CAN you fit all your money in your wallet?

First of all, HA! Alexandra is referring to this blog post in which I stereotyped myself as a Bible-waving redneck, among other things. And in response, I would like to say: My two jobs are teaching and writing. WHAT money??

Harley asks: How often do you wash your hair? Really?

Every single morning. I have to do it as soon as I wake up, because my alarm goes off at 5:15 (gotta get ready before Little Bit wakes up around 5:45) and if I try to do anything before my shower, it ends up either half-done or not done at all, or I somehow hurt myself in the process. I tried to wash my hair at night to speed things up in the morning, but… well. Let’s just say that didn’t work out.

and, do you want to have dinner April 30?


Mary Katherine asks: Do you plan on writing any sequels to The Clearing?

Absolutely! I love Liam and Natalie so, so much. They still haunt me. I can’t stop thinking about them. I might be crazy.

and, how is the other book you were working on going?

I believe the one you’re referring to is Synthesis, and the answer is, it’s written… but not entirely edited. My agent has read it and liked it, and sent it back to me with her comments. Which I have yet to look at. However, I’ve got big plans for Spring Break. Synthesis and I are going to curl up on the couch, have a long talk, drink some hot tea, and then I’m going to totally rip it apart and reassemble it into something that just might sell.

…and, are you working on any other books currently?

I am not working on anything else right now because I am too busy A) marketing The Clearing and B) pretending to work on Synthesis and C) taking care of Little Bit and D) trying to keep my husband from getting killed playing rugby and E) working full time. But I always have stories in my head, and hopefully this summer I can get some of them on paper!

…and, what is your favorite candy and/or color?

Pretzel M&Ms and green.

Rob asks: When are you going to come play rugby?

I’m too busy trying to keep you alive, buddy. There’s no time for playing. PS – you’re handsome. Come here often? Doing anything later?

Ansley asks: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

Ok, first of all, you can’t get mad at me for talking about food this time because YOU brought it up! Aaaaaand…. I think I’d pick quesadillas. With sour cream and avocado. Oh! Or, chocolate chip cookies. Those are two very different things, but I can’t decide. As for the why… because they ROCK MY WORLD.

Thanks again guys! Y’all are great. Happy weekend!

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