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“Twitter Is Useless”

The first person to suspect my pregnancy (other than myself) was a pediatric nurse in Australia. He patiently hashed out my symptoms with me during his night duty at the ER.

When my dishwasher started spewing suds and I had no idea what was wrong with it, a man in Arkansas assured me that I had probably just added too much detergent. He was right.

I keep up with my friend Kristen while she reports from the Middle East. Every tweet is confirmation she’s still alive.

Back in February, I had lengthy discussions with a high school student in London about his A-levels. Got the chance to encourage him a bit and heard all about what universities he’s applied to.

After Little Bit got her first round of shots and had trouble eating, a marine biologist in South Carolina put my mind at ease by telling me this was normal.

When I couldn’t remember the word for that thing that connects planes to their gate, a guy from Colorado reminded me that it’s called a jetway.

And right after Little Bit was born, a self-proclaimed insomniac from Washington was the first to congratulate me.

I’ve met writers. I’ve attended writing parties (amwritingparty, to be exact). I’ve had fairy dust sprinkled on me and chocolate chip cookies offered after a bad day. I found both of my first-round crit partners. I’ve trash talked SEC football with people I don’t know in real life. I’ve interacted with people I never would have met otherwise. And I’ve talked to literary agents, editors, and authors almost every single day.

So to all those who say Twitter is useless: Time to reconsider.

17 thoughts on ““Twitter Is Useless”

  1. Any time! Twitter keeps me sane. Half the time I forget it isn’t a writing site. Everyone I know there is working on a writing project of some kind. :o)

    1. Mine is a mix of writers and college friends. It’s always funny to see the contrast in what people are posting.

  2. Great post! I find that people who don’t use Twitter dismiss it as useless because they don’t understand what it is. I’m not a compulsive twitterer, but I’ve always found it wonderfully useful.

  3. thanks for the shout-out! i discovered the dark side of twitter today: i was inundated with pro-government trolls after i started tweeting about bahrain. so frustrating. also the hotel i’m staying at turned out to be more of a brothel than a hotel.

    but i’m still alive!


  4. Who says twitter is useless?

    (Unfortunately, it takes up too much time for me; I was finding I had to choose between tweeting/blogging and writing (because I can only subtract so much time from homework before I start failing my classes) and writing always won out, so it was easier to just go on official hiatus and not worry about it. Someday I’ll find that time thing again and get back on it! And it’ll be just one more avenue for me to bother you! :D)

  5. Ahhh, I love this! Twitter is like a lifeline for me. I’ve met both of my current alpha/beta readers through there and it’s great for writing support and my MANY random thoughts.


  6. I use Twitter, but nowhere near as much as I use Facebook. I try to engage people on Twitter, but rarely does anyone reply. Even when I recently tweeted some pretty major news, I received two replies. It seems to me Twitter has become all about self-promotion, and I can’t stand that. I used to actually connect with people a year ago, but things have changed. I won’t NOT use it, but it’s not my first choice.

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