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Rugby: A Gentleman’s Game

Whenever I tell people my husband plays rugby, they always give me a funny look. “Rugby?” they say. (Well, that’s usually what they say. Although, just today, I told someone Rob was going to rugby practice and they said, “What’s brokey?”)


Anyway, people aren’t all that sure about this rugby-playin’. They think it’s too rough, too dirty, too foreign. And I think it’s my responsibility to set the record straight here.

First of all, nobody ever gets dirty playing rugby. When the game is over, Rob’s uniform is just as sparkling clean as it was when the game started.

Whoa! What? Where did you get that picture? And why have you placed a bright red arrow over my husband’s head? Okay, so he’s a little bit…erm…dusty, shall we say. He may have collected just a few bits of debris from the field. But whatever. He’s definitely not what I would call “dirty.”


But that doesn’t mean anything! I can still prove that rugby is a gentleman’s game. It’s not as rough a game as everyone says. I mean, people never even get tackled!

Okay, seriously? What the heck? You have ANOTHER picture of my husband with a red arrow over his head?

Alright. So, maybe there is some tackling. SOME. But not much. And as you can see from the picture, my husband? Is perfectly safe. He’s just…uh…about to dive towards the people who are wrestling on the ground. Nothing to worry about! Haha! HAHAHAHAHA – oh, sorry, I was laughing really loud just then. Ahem.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that rugby is exactly like American football. There is absolutely nothing weird or unusual about it at all.

Okay fine. FINE! Yes, my husband is lifting that guy up by his shorts and yes, there’s a lot of hand/thigh contact going on. It’s a little weird. So YES, rugby is rough, dirty, and *gasp* NOT AMERICAN.

But you know what? He loves it, and so do I! (I love watching it, that is. Not playing. I would get killed out there, people.)

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  1. Love the pictures and commentary! I’ve never known anyone that plays rugby! Very cool! And by that I mean very cool to watch, not play! ;D

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