The Clearing

“The Clearing” E-Versions Released TODAY!

Big news, guys! Against all odds, I have managed to successfully format, upload, and publish The Clearing for ALL e-readers! It wasn’t easy. In fact, if we’re Facebook friends (and if we’re not, please remedy that immediately), you might have seen that I recently compared publishing an e-book to training cats.

And we all know how that works out, mmm?

Anyway. I’m about to give you the link to buy the book if you’re interested, BUT FIRST: Many of you have asked if The Clearing is posted on Goodreads. The answer is YES! And you can find it by clicking the link below:

Find The Clearing on Goodreads!

Okay. Back to the really exciting part! The Clearing e-book release!

Now, this is SUCH an early release that you can actually only find the book on one website at the moment – Smashwords. Once you click the link below, scroll down to the bottom and choose which format you want to download it in. (Hint: If you have a Nook, you need the “Epub” version. If you have a Kindle, you need the “Kindle” version. Betcha never would’ve guessed that, eh?) Soon it will be available directly from the Kindle store and iPad store, etc. but for now, you must go to Smashwords.

So… *deep breath* here it is! Click the link below that coincidentally describes each and every one of you, and please enjoy. I hope it entertains you and gives you a small escape from the day-to-day.

I am clicking this link to buy THE CLEARING E-BOOK because I am awesome!

I love you all. Thank you for rocking my world.

(PS – If you have any problems doing this, let me know. I don’t know anything about e-readers so the odds of me being able to help you are slim at best, but I can give it a shot.)

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