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Official Release Date

Hi friends! Just stopping by for a quick early-morning post to clear up some confusion. Lots of people have asked me when they can buy a copy of The Clearing, and even more people have already attempted to locate it on Amazon or Kindle.

First of all, THANK YOU for your enthusiasm! It’s so great to hear people say how eager they are to read it. Seriously. So, so great.

However, The Clearing is not available just yet. I’ve just approved the proof of my paperback copy and I have not yet perfected the formatting on the Kindle book, so the bottom line is, if you’re looking for it, you won’t find it.

I have decided to set an official release date of March 1.


It could be released before then, just depending on how quickly a few of my ducks can get themselves in a row. So keep one eye on this blog, and if I am able to release the book before March 1, I promise I will announce it here and you won’t be able to miss it because of the sheer amount of confetti and sparklers and baton twirling going on.


So let’s think of this like a due date: The Clearing is due on March 1, but if it comes before then, we’ll all just be pleasantly surprised. Thanks again for the excitement! Love you all! OH! And today is the last day to enter my The Clearing giveaway! If you go to the post right below this one, you’ll find a link to it.

Happy Sunday!

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