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Le Nursery: A Photo Documentation

Since Little Bit is due in, you know, 17 days (HOLYFREAKINGCOW), Rob and I have finally decided it’s probably time to get some stuff ready. You know, like her room. Or whatever. So, just in case anyone’s interested, I thought I would share some pictures of what we’ve done.

(Men: Please, contain your enthusiasm.)

First we have the entrance to Little Bit’s room. That’s right – there’s no door. But there are some pretty amazing curtains that my very talented mother made for her.

(By the way, I took these pictures with my Blackberry, so… they’re probably not going to win any photography awards.)

Next, there’s Little Bit’s changing table. This was actually our office desk, but it’s been re-purposed in the name of saving cash.

I’m sure she’ll enjoy having such a cute, soft place to lie while she pees on Mommy and Daddy.

Anyway, next we have the crib, complete with super cute pink star sheet and bird quilt. Which, obviously, will not be in there with her, don’t worry!

And a close up of the bird quilt because I LOVE IT SO MUCH:

Too bad she won’t care how cute her quilt is for like, 6 more years. Oh well.

Last but not least, the view from Little Bit’s room out into the hallway. (And into our lovely laundry room.)

I really just wanted to show off my mom’s curtains. They are so great!

So anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Nesting to the max, people, nesting to the max. We’re *almost* packed for the hospital – Rob says I’ll probably go into labor the day before we decide to finish packing, which is about right.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Be back soon!

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18 thoughts on “Le Nursery: A Photo Documentation


    From one nesting mama to another, this nursery is gorgeous! I love the soothing color scheme and curved doorway. Have fun welcoming your Little Bit. Any day now! 🙂

    I just put together my own baby girl’s nursery and posted some photos if you want to peek.

  2. I love the color you painted the walls. I think green is very overlooked for nurseries. 🙂 I’m a big bird fan, so that quilt is something I’D still like to use… And I love the arched doorway. Very nice, especially with the curtains!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt, too, Anne. And I really love the simplicity. Not crowded, and perfect for a widdle baby. We are finishing up our nursery and are looking for furniture, now. I can’t believe you’ll be holding your little girl so soon!! I wish you guys the best.

  4. Love the colors and the curtains really give the room a unique softness. I would love to feature on your nursery photos on my website.

    You would be automatically entered for a chance to win one of the gift certificates (1st place $200, 2nd $100 and 3rd $50) in my current nursery picture contest.

    Email me! uniquebabygear at

    Let me know!

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