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In Which I Eat Too Many Cinnamon Muffins And Run Into Walls

There were cinnamon muffins at my place of work today. They were mini-muffins, with this perfectly crunchy cinnamon top. Something about them reminded me of when I was younger and I would go over to my grandmother’s house to spend the night. She would always make me cinnamon toast in the morning – white bread, butter, cinnamon and sugar, toasted to perfection in her tiny little toaster oven. I have never been able to replicate this toast. You would think it shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Well, apparently, Mimi’s cinnamon toast was magical because I cannot make it taste the same as hers to save my life.

Anyway, back to the mini-muffins. After I ate these, something inside me snapped. I needed cinnamon, and I needed it NOW! All I could think about was snickerdoodle cookies and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and apple cider with cinnamon…

Yeah, it was a little frightening.

So you know what happened when Rob and I went to the store after work? Yep, you guessed it. I got me a big ol’ box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The breakfast of champions… mmmm.

Now, in the course of writing this post, I’ve realized how supremely lame it is. I have no excuse for my lameness, except to say this: I am roughly 3 1/2 weeks away from delivering this baby, and my brain is officially mush.


Yesterday I was leaving the voting polls and, instead of walking out the door like a normal person, I turned behind a whiteboard and ran smack into a wall. (But hey, I voted! Woot!)

I’ve also been calling students by the wrong names, occasionally forgetting where I am, and am incapable of accurately counting change.

(Plus there was a slightly terrifying incident today where I had a super intense dizzy spell… while driving home from work. Don’t worry, I did not have a wreck.)

(But I may not be driving again for a few days.)

Aside from the fact that Little Bit seems to be trying to MacGyver her way out of my belly using any means necessary (I swear she’s got 18 elbows and 23 feet), I’m doing pretty good. Tired, and apparently having some blood pressure issues, but good.

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Y’all have a great rest of the week!

13 thoughts on “In Which I Eat Too Many Cinnamon Muffins And Run Into Walls

  1. oh dear! I remember this happening to me when I was pregnant I sat in front of the clock and told myself when the digital clock said 7.45 I would get up and go to work at 7.55 The husband walks in and said aren’t you going to work? I look at the time and say yeah but its not time yet so he bundled me in my winter jacket and drove me to work. my brain woke up on the way in

  2. “I’ve also been calling students by the wrong names, occasionally forgetting where I am, and am incapable of accurately counting change” …… are you sure you weren’t actually on the ballot?

  3. Joanna: Yeah. My brain is just not functioning at top speed right now… which can be embarrassing, but there’s nothing I can do about it!

  4. Nick: Hmmm… I’ll have to check into that. Maybe I was supposed to report to City Hall today…?

  5. I probably shouldn’t have laughed out loud at you running into a wall, but I’m afraid I did. 😉

    I’m assuming your doctor knows about the dizzy spell? Those blood pressure issues are nothing to mess with . . . Hope these next few weeks go by quickly for you.

  6. I craved Panera Bread’s cinnamon crunch bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. I must have eaten 50 of them when I was pregnant. Ryan got to be on a first name basis with the people who worked there.

  7. Melissa: No, it was funny – I’m glad you laughed! And I go to the doc tomorrow, so I will tell them then. Definitely not taking it lightly!

  8. Anna: Ooooooh cinnamon crunch bagels… by the way, my box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Sitting next to me in my classroom.

  9. Oh my goodness, no driving for you lady! And don’t worry about your brain being mush, we totally understand. You’re aloud to have those moments! Take care of yourself!

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