Remember those awesome ARCs I was giving away?


We have ourselves some winners, folks!

Unfortunately I was not able to corner my husband in the shower and make him pick a number this time, as is tradition. I know. Very sad. It’s like not having gingerbread cookies at Christmas. But alas, I have pushed through and used to generate our winners. Ready? Here we go!

The first number picked by was 5, which I had assigned to:

Dean Mayes!

Dean from Australia has won his very own copy of Selling Hope, which I believe he intends to save for his daughter once she’s old enough to read. Hooray! Congratulations, Dean!

And the second number picked by was 14, which I had assigned to:

Ansley Kniskern!

Ansley has entered every single contest I’ve ever held and she ALWAYS gets as many extra entries as she can – but she hasn’t ever won until today. Your persistence has paid off, my friend! You’ve got your very own copy of Spray!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and keep an eye out for another ARC Giveaway sometime soon!

4 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

  1. Oh my goodness! I just saw this now and I actually gave a little yelp! This is so cool and indeed, I am going to keep for my daughter’s first book shelf. This is so lovely! Thank you for the opportunity to be an entrant Anne.

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