This is a top secret announcement: I’ll be giving away some ARCs soon. That’s Advance Reader Copy, for those of you who are (like me) allergic to acronyms.

What is an Advance Reader Copy? It’s a copy of a book that hasn’t come out yet.


Sometimes, I email publicists and ask them for copies of books before they’re released. Then they send them to me and I review them on my blog. It’s a complicated system, but we make it work.

But then – and this is the best part – I get to pass them on to you.

I’ve got two of them right now, sitting in my living room. And as soon as I read them and post my review? They’re up for grabs, folks. Now, you’re probably wondering what they are, but I’m not telling. Not yet. All I’ll say is this:

If you’re not a blog follower, you should become one. It will behoove you once the giveaway starts. You can wait till I actually post the giveaway, if you want, but I’m just saying: If you click “Join This Site” now as opposed to later, you’ll reap some benefits.

Or at least one benefit.

Now, walk away and pretend this never happened. It’s top secret, remember? Actually you might want to sort of scurry away, because this blog post will self-destruct in five seconds…four…three….

Yeah, I lied, it’s not gonna blow up.

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