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I Have Some Shiny New ARCs To Give Away!

Remember when I said I would give away some ARCs? Remember? (Yeah, I know it was a while back. I get distracted easily and forget about things.) Well, guess what? Today’s the day the giveaway starts!

By the way, if you’re confused about what exactly an ARC is, it stands for Advance Reader Copy (or Advance Review Copy). Basically, I ask publishers for copies of books before they come out, and sometimes they give them to me. Other times they don’t. And that’s just mean.

I’m not bitter.

(Just kidding. It’s not mean at all. But I do feel really cool when they send me books in the mail!)

The good news is, once I get them and review them, I get to pass them on to you! Hooray! So here’s what I have for you:


SELLING HOPE by Kristin O’Donnell Tubb, available in November from Feiwel and Friends (Middle Grade Fiction):

It’s May 1910, and Halley’s Comet is due to pass through the Earth’s atmosphere. And thirteen-year-old Hope McDaniels and her father are due to pass through their hometown of Chicago with their ragtag vaudeville troupe. Hope wants out of vaudeville, and longs for a “normal” life – or as normal as life can be without her mother, who died five years before. Hope sees an opportunity: She invents “anti-comet” pills to sell to the working-class customers desperate for protection. Soon, she’s joined by a fellow troupe member, young Buster Keaton, and the two of them start to make good money. Just when Hope thinks she has all the answers, she has to decide: What is family? Where is home?

SPRAY by Harry Edge, available in December from Feiwel and Friends (Teen Fiction):

A group of teens sign up for an assassination game on the streets of a big city. Their weapons: pressurized water guns. It’s meant to be a game, a sport. But for some, it’s more than harmless fun. To win, they’ll use any means necessary. Two hundred players. Three weeks of tense cat-and-mouse action. Every stalker is being stalked and only one player will be left standing. No one will be the same.


Don’t they sound great? Yes, they do, and there’s a reason for that: They ARE great! Both of these books are so well written and so much fun, and even if you’re not interested in them for yourself, they would make a great gift for a young adult in your life!

So here’s some info about the giveaway:

  • There will be TWO (2) winners – one for each book!
  • You must be a member of this blog to enter. If you’re not a member, become one by clicking “Join This Site” over on the right! (Bonus points if you were already following!)
  • You can get extra points for things like tweeting, etc. (The entry form will tell you how to earn extra entries.)
  • Please pick the book you would most like to win, even if they both sound good to you.
  • This giveaway will end Monday, November 15.
  • Click on the link below and fill out the entry form to enter!

Anne Riley’s ARC Giveaway!

Good luck!

PS: I *do* ship internationally!

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