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The Case of the Missing Cat: Day 1

Well, my cat is missing. Since Sunday night. I wouldn’t bring it up here on the blog except that Peach has been kind of a feature sometimes. You may remember how I detailed the ways in which Peach and I are nothing alike, or how I explained just how helpful Peach is around the house. I also called her out for throwing her poo against the walls when I did a special feature on my husband for his birthday.

So I feel like some of you are pretty familiar with Peach, which is why I bring up the fact that she’s missing.

Don’t worry, though: I won’t let her get away from us that easily. I’ve already made flyers to post around our neighborhood:

Sorry stalkers, I cut off the picture before you could see my phone number. Maybe I’ll slip up sometime in the future.

I was going to include a picture of Peach in the flyer, but then I realized all my pictures of her look kind of like this:

And then I would have to change the flyer to say something like “Missing Vicious Monster-Cat”, and instead of asking people to check their garages and storage sheds, I would have to tell them to make sure their children were in a safe place.

So I just left the picture off.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on The Case of the Missing Cat. Hopefully she’ll be home soon!

Edited to add: Even though Peach has been gone since Sunday night, she often stays out all night or all day – but never both. That’s why she’s only been declared M.I.A. as of this morning; hence, it is only Day 1 of Operation Bring Peach Home.

11 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Cat: Day 1

  1. Oh, sorry to hear of the kitty disappearance, good lady! We had our cat go missing once when I was a teenager. May I recommend a good flea-bath when you get her home again? No, seriously. Bathe that cat. O.O

    Best wishes for her speedy return!

    P.S. You are SERIOUSLY cramping my stalker style, y’know. Sheesh!

  2. I’m so sorry! I know what it’s like to have pets missing for days. (Someone opened the gate and let my two dogs out one day.)

    I haunted the pound, adopted a dog that was going to be killed the next day, and three days later one of our dogs turned up at the pound.

    Our other dog was missing for two weeks. I was up at two in the morning watching Lassie Come Home (probably not the best choice), crying. Lassie can make it home across a whole country, but where is my dog? I heard a noise on the porch and there she was. Tired, dirty (very dirty!) and thirsty, but back home safe.

    Which is how I started out with two dogs,but ended up with three.

  3. I hope you find your cat! I would be devastated if either of my cats ever got lost.

    Your flyer had me laughing out loud. “Ignores you when you call her by name”. Isn’t that every cat?

  4. Simon: So sorry to cramp your stalker style. One day you’ll find some little nugget of information about me that will allow you to stalk to your heart’s content.

    Suzi: Wow, that’s great, though! It was that pound puppy’s lucky day when you came through! So glad both yours made it home in one piece!

    Melissa: Oh, of course. NO cat responds to their own name. They would never stoop to that level!

  5. Oh no! I’m so, so sorry about your cat being gone! I sure hope you find her, or she comes home. I know how our furbabies are part of the family!

    Keep us posted!

  6. Oh nooo… Poor kitty. I hope she’s found soon. Sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the “Missing Vicious Monster-Cat” comment. She looks adorable ^.^

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