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The Case of the Missing Cat: Day 2



Yesterday I left school at EXACTLY 2:40 (that’s when the bell rings, don’t worry, I did not leave any teens unsupervised in my classroom) and drove home so I could post flyers around our neighborhood. I’m a big believer in delivering flyers to each individual house as opposed to posting a couple of them in public locations, simply because A) I never look at flyers on telephone poles or wherever and B) they always get rained on/torn down/pooped on.

(Pooped on by birds. What did you think I meant?)

Everyone was super nice because I was waddling up and down the street with my 7-month-prego belly and my sad little “Missing Cat” flyers and everyone really wanted to help me out. One lady called me and said, “There is a cat that fits this description staring at me right now!” And I was so excited!

And then she sent me a picture of it and, while it did sound like Peach, it was not, in fact, Peach.

And another guy called and told me his dogs have been barking more.


Anyway, so Peach is still not home. Fingers crossed! And thanks for all the well-wishes!

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