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Help Me Pick A Haircut!

School is about to start, which means it’s time for my semi-annual trip to the hair salon! I’m a little conflicted, though. I can’t decide what kind of haircut I want to get. Do I stay safe and get just a trim? Do I go a little bolder and cut off a few inches? Do I get a bowl cut? Or do I give in to temptation and just shave it all off?

Decisions, decisions.

Luckily, I found this website that lets you upload a photo and try on celebrity hair. No, seriously! So I took a (really bad) picture of myself, uploaded it, and started trying on new hair – and I’m posting my favorites below for you to vote on!

*WARNING* The photo below is extremely unattractive. Please proceed with caution, and if you startle easily, just leave now.

Alright, ready? Here they are!

First, we have the Ashley Greene.

And next, the Jessica Stroup.

And finally, the Katie Holmes.

Now obviously, these pictures are slightly awkward looking because, well, it’s not really my hair. But hopefully it at least gives you an idea. What do you think? Vote for your favorite, and thanks for helping me out!

7 thoughts on “Help Me Pick A Haircut!

  1. i voted for the ashley, but i actually like the katie, too! i’m a fan of bangs…i have them from time to time. this fall may be one of those times…

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