Fest-ivity Overload

Okay. I signed up for more blogfests than I can handle. I really wanted to do the Guess That Character Blogfest (see link in sidebar under “Upcoming Blogfests”) but, what with the start of school (I’m a teacher) and my constant exhaustion (and I’m 6 months pregnant), it just didn’t happen. So how about I make it up to you with a mini version of what I would have written? Let’s see if you can guess my character in, I don’t know, five lines! Okay? Here we go:

Oh, hello there, I’m sorry I ran into you. I was so busy looking for Nargles that I didn’t see you standing there. What do you mean, you’ve never heard of Nargles? They’re extremely dangerous and can make your brain go all fuzzy. Ooh look, a rotten piece of meat, how lovely!

That was probably way, way too easy… any guesses?

7 thoughts on “Fest-ivity Overload

  1. Definitely Luna! This brings up a great point. Our characters should be so unique that someone can identify them within just a few lines. What a great excercise!

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