Cinderella Goes Rogue

Emily White over at Stepping Into Fantasy is hosting a great blogfest today, and I am determined to get it written and posted before the 8:00 bell rings (yep, I’m a teacher, if you didn’t know). That’s dedication, folks. Blogging at 7:37 am is nothing short of a triumphant feat.

The point of today’s Fairy Tale Blogfest is to write a short entry based on a fairy tale, but with a big twist of some kind. I’ve chosen Cinderella, and… well, just read to see what kind of twist I’ve put on it!

*          *          *

“I hate this stupid dress,” Cinderella muttered as she hunkered behind the marble column. “It itches like crazy. Oh, and by the way, I’ll never forgive you for the shoes. Glass, Pete? Really?”

“Shut up and find the target, Cindy,” a deep male voice growled through her earpiece. “He’s gotta be impossible to miss. Just look for all the teeny boppers.”

Cinderella – or Cindy, as she was known among her fellow assassins – rolled her eyes. “This one is almost too easy.”

But Pete didn’t reply, so she took a deep breath, swallowed her pride, and stepped out into the sickeningly posh ballroom. It took all her willpower not to scowl at the crowds of obsessed fans who had somehow managed to finagle their way into the party. To her right was a gaggle of high school girls wearing matching t-shirts (screen printed with the prince’s face, of course); to her left, a group of tipsy middle-aged women cackled and swatted at each other, no doubt making disturbing, cringe-inducing comments about His Highness.

Finally, she spotted him: Surrounded by bodyguards, Prince Charming was making his way to the front of the room, where he would pick the lucky girl (Cindy emitted a small snort at the idea that such a girl would be considered lucky) for the first dance.

“Alright,” Cindy whispered into the hidden mic without moving her lips, a skill she’d been trained for at Assassin Camp the summer before. “I’ll have a clear shot during the dance. Unless… uh oh….”

“What?” Pete hissed. “Oh, no, don’t tell me he’s doing that. Don’t even say it.”

But Prince Charming was coming closer. “Yep,” she muttered. “I told you this dress was a bad idea.”

The prince was right in front of her now, so she gave him her most dazzling smile. Was there any way this could work to her advantage?

“May I have this dance?” he asked, hand outstretched. Every eye in the place was on her, including those of the miserable looking high school girls.

She gritted her teeth and let her hand graze the gun beneath her dress before replying. “Why, of course! I’d be delighted!”

“Knock ’em dead, Cindy,” Pete chuckled in her ear. “Just don’t fall for him, whatever you do.”

Again, Cindy rolled her eyes. Like that would ever happen, she thought.

30 thoughts on “Cinderella Goes Rogue

  1. Excellent twist. I didn’t want it to end! Actually I want you to go do a whole series where fairytale princesses become super spies and assassins. That’s how awesome this idea is.

  2. I agree with Kate! you need to get these stories cracking because if they are anything like this one you have something good in your head.

  3. very cute! love the twist,and this line was great:
    She gritted her teeth and let her hand graze the gun beneath her dress before replying. “Why, of course! I’d be delighted!”
    also loved that she went to assassin camp! LOL 🙂

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