In Which I Challenge You To A Writer’s Duel

I’m about 15,000 words into my new WIP! Hooray!

Oh, wait. But according to the schedule I made for myself, I should be at about 30,000 words by now. Drat.

Anyone else have the same problem? Not getting the kind of writing done that you shoud be doing /want to be doing / guilt-trip yourself into feeling like you should have done?

Well then.

I hereby challenge you to a Writer’s Duel this weekend. Yeah, you heard me. A DUEL. Here, let me smack you in the face with my glove.

*smack* *smack*

Ooh, that felt good.

*smack* *smack**smack* *smack**smack* *smack*

What? Your face hurts? Oh, sorry. I guess I got a little carried away there. Anyway, here’s the deal: We’re gonna write this weekend, peeps. All of us. (And by “all of us” I mean “whoever wants to join in.” It’s not like I’m going to show up at each of your houses and force you to write all weekend.)

(Or AM I? Maybe you better write, just to be safe.)

And let’s make it a little more interesting, shall we? If anyone writes more than me by 5:00 pm Central Standard Time on Sunday (that’s 6:00 Eastern, 4:00 Mountain, 3:00 Pacific, 10:00 Greenwich Mean Time, etc etc), I will post an INCREDIBLY embarrassing picture of myself when I was in junior high.

What do you think? Are you game? There’s no risk to you. If you lose, you don’t have to post any embarrassing pictures (although if you do, you’ll be my hero forever and ever).

The Writer’s Duel starts Saturday morning at 8:00am CST.

It ends Sunday evening at 5:00 pm CST.

If my math is right (which it’s usually not) that’s 33 hours of potential writing time.

We’re going for straight word count here folks. Be sure to look at your word count before you start, and then report how much you wrote at the end of the Duel. Anyone who writes more than me gets the satisfaction of forcing me into self-induced public humiliation.

If you agree to the Duel, leave a comment telling me so, and best of luck to you (but you’ll never beat me) (or maybe you will) (but we’ll never know unless you do it)!

23 thoughts on “In Which I Challenge You To A Writer’s Duel

  1. It is ON. Shall we post our starting WC’s first thing Saturday morning? Also, just how embarrassing IS this junior high pic? 😉

  2. Indeedy I am in the same boat and would love to increase my word count exponentially. However….I’m scheduled to work both days this weekend so the likelihood of my accomplishing much writing during your designated dueling hours is slim. Bummer.

  3. Great idea! I think you should have an editing duel at some point in time. I have 209 pages written, but I can’t seem to get up the energy to edit it and make it something everyone would like to read! 😉 Good luck with your WIP!

  4. Great idea. Though, in duel acceptance you do know that everyone who accepts gets to hit you with a glove in return, don’t you? *plays Robin Hood: Men in Tights where Robin Hood uses a metal glove to accept challenge* See? 😉

    Well, my goal for the novel rewrite last month was 25k with chapters 1-3 already finished. The novel doesn’t even have 25k yet. Think I know what you mean about being behind on the writing of a book.

    *uses a light lacy glove in gentle fashion* I accept. Sort of… Have to go out of town sunday with stepdad, which doesn’t happen often but for once he’s not on call at the hospital. But if I can get 5k done on saturday I’ll be happy.

  5. Anna: That’s a great idea. I’ll post on Saturday morning with my WC, and then everyone can leave theirs in the comments if they want. Or we can start a Twitter hashtag, #WritersDuel. And as far as the picture goes, there are so many HEINOUS pictures to choose from… trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

    M: NOOOOO! Well, do what you can. We want you in on this, regardless of work hours!

    Shannon: In laws, shmin laws. Just kidding, I know it’s not that easy. Join in if you can!

    Rachel: FABULOUS idea! Maybe when I get this first draft finished, we’ll do an editing duel, although it’s slightly harder to determine a winner. We’d figure out a way, though!

    Dawn: HA! Thanks for grazing my cheek with your lacy glove. Do what you can… I’m sure this won’t be the last of the Duels!

  6. This sounds fun! I’m trying to finish my draft this weekend and this is just the kick in the pants I need to get out the last few chapters!

  7. Dang! I’d love to participate – really need the motivation. But apparently we’re celebrating the 4th all weekend. Maybe. We’ll see. If plans change, I’ll definitely accept your challenge. If not, I may counter-challenge you next weekend. 😉

  8. Awesome challenge – I’d love to join, and the healthy competition will get me typing this weekend. I also think the editing duel suggested by Rachel W. would be fantastic motivation for me to edit my screenplay.

  9. This is a FABULOUS idea. I have some people coming into town but dangitall, I still have most of Saturday! *Also throws club down* *mutters in French*

  10. This is a FABULOUS idea. I have some people coming into town but dangitall, I still have most of Saturday! *Also throws glove down* *mutters in French*

  11. You’re going down baby! “I take your bet and you’re gonna regret because I’m the best there’s ever been.”

    Okay, *takes medication* Let me check to see if the hubby is up to watching the kids and I might smack you in the butt with my sword…Unguard!

  12. Turns out a change in the hospital schedule means I’ll be gone on saturday till evening and here on sunday. Either way, I’ll be writing once I get back. So, I’m still in just different day of the two for most the writing. lol

  13. Kristy: Oh yes. It is most definitely ON!

    Melissa: Oooh jealous! I love finishing drafts. Lucky! Hope you can get it done this weekend. But I also hope you don’t write more than me. I really, really don’t want to post this picture.

    Kristie: Yeah, I know, it’s a holiday weekend. People are busy. I probably will be, too. This may not be the best weekend for a duel. But we’ll do another one – don’t worry!

  14. Denise: Ha! With 6 kids, I don’t know how you get anything done, ever. We’d love to have you if it works out, and if not, we’ll do it again. No worries!

    Shane: Correction – you look forward to NOT seeing the picture because I’m going to WIN. (What? No, I’m not overly competitive. Not at all.)

    Allison: Hooray! Glad you’re joining in. And yes, I agree – we’ll have to find a way to do an editing duel after we finish our first drafts!

  15. Alison: I totally misspelled your name up there. Please forgive. You can call me Ann from now on if you want.

    Raquel: That’s what I like to hear! Bring it on!

    Jemi: No problem – we’ll see you at the next go-around!

  16. Sarah: I love it when people mutter in foreign languages. It means they mean BUSINESS. Hope you find enough time to write!

    Dana: WHOA! Did you just butt-slap me with a sword? For realz? Oh, it’s so on.

    Dawn: LOL no problem. We’ll see you on Sunday!

  17. *smack* *smack!* I accept your challenge. Wow, you’re right, that does feel good! I’m at 33,000 words. I have to work all weekend but I’m still up for the challenge because I too have been falling short lately. Let the games begin!

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