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Dontcha Wish Your Cat Was As Helpful As Mine?

Back in February, I blogged about how my cat Peach and I are not similar at all – in spite of what my husband may tell you to the contrary. Well, today I realized that Peach and I do, in fact, have one thing in common: We’re both awesomely efficient when it comes to household maintenance.

That’s right – my cat is so helpful around the house! I knew you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, so I took some pictures of Peach in action. Get ready to be impressed!

First, we have Peach helping with the laundry.

Now, I know it looks like she’s just lying there half-asleep, but really, I *just* missed getting a picture of her folding those pants on the bed. I’ve really got to get faster with the camera.

Next, we have Peach protecting the household from untold terrors and threats.

Okay, see, this might look like I caught her in the middle of a yawn, but actually she’s letting out a “silent roar” that only enemies can hear. This is Peach’s patrol post, where she surveys our backyard and rids it of mice, bugs, children, what have you. As long as I let her outside in time to catch it, anyway.

Now, if this next picture isn’t proof of Peach’s helpfulness, I don’t know what is.

See, what she’s doing here is so deceptively genius you might miss it the first time: Peach is lying in the bottom of the laundry basket so that my husband wouldn’t mistakenly throw his shorts in it and get them all wrinkled. She’s so thoughtful, that Peach. (And by the way, she’s not actually wearing the shorts, although it kinda looks that way.)

And finally, we have Peach inspecting the cabinet in the laundry room.

Inspecting it for what, you ask? Who knows? You really shouldn’t question a genius at work. But I will say that the size of her tail in this picture implies she’s just found something surprising.

So the next time your pet does something helpful around the house, you can feel free to sigh wistfully and think, “Boy, I sure wish <your pet’s name here> was as helpful as Peach, but I guess this is a step in the right direction.”

And if you want a tutorial on household helpfulness from Peach, she charges $45 per half hour training session. Unless your pet is something she would like to eat, in which case there is a $5 fee to compensate for the lost meal.

8 thoughts on “Dontcha Wish Your Cat Was As Helpful As Mine?

  1. David and I were having the exact opposite conversation about our cat Jack. We walked into the bedroom and of all the places Jack could be curled to take a nap he chose David’s cleanly laundered and pressed kahkis. ARG

  2. Peach and I have a very similar style when it comes to chores. (Lie around and wait for them to do themselves.) Fortunately, when you are as pretty and adorable as peach, you don’t have to be useful. 🙂

  3. Nicole: Yeah, that sounds about right.

    Alexandra: Just be glad your cat likes you. Peach is Miss Independent to the max. She won’t give us the time of day.

    Melissa: Ha! Yep. Well, Peach certainly THINKS she doesn’t have to be useful, but that’s a cat for you.

  4. Anne, I love this. With regards to cats lying on clothes, surely none of you think something as clean as a cat would sleep on DIRTY clothes!

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