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A Self-Imposed Grounding

Today is Sunday, July 11.

This marks the first day of my week-long grounding from all things social network-related.

Facebook. Twitter. And yes, even my blog.

Why, you ask? Well, because (like some of you, I suspect) I am easily distracted from the things I need to be doing throughout the day. I don’t have to work right now because it’s summer, which means that even though I have about 8 hours during the day that I don’t normally have, I’m getting less done than I do when I’m working.

And the reason I get less done is because I’m playing on Facebook or Twitter or blogging about something.

I mean people, we’ve got a baby GIRL (!!!) coming here in a few short months, and I have nowhere to put her or any of her stuff. But instead of going through all our junk and making room for things we’ll need, I sit on Twitter and make witty comments for an hour.

I’ve got a new book to write that I am WAY behind schedule on, but I click around on Facebook for 45 minutes and then take a nap.

Are you kidding me? I’m that lazy? …Yeah, unfortunately. So this is the last you’ll hear from me until a week from today. For those in the know, you’re welcome to e-mail or call, but I won’t be around for a while otherwise.

Darn that real life, interfering with my social networking.

OH! But when I get back, I’ve got so many cool things for you! I’m gonna do another Pre-Famous Interview, and I’ve got a spotlight story on a friend of mine and her small business. I’ll have a book review by then, too. So just hang on for a week and then you’ll get all those goodies and more.

Happy week, everyone!

10 thoughts on “A Self-Imposed Grounding

  1. Good luck with your week off! You do have a lot to do 🙂 But if you need rest, make sure you get it – that baby girl will tell you what she needs! Enjoy 🙂

  2. Awww, congrats! Baby girls are the best!!!

    We all need self-imposed groundings. 😉 Good luck with all the more important and wonderful things you have going on. 🙂

  3. good idea. I may ground myself. How do I know I won’t sneak out the virtual window and end up playing though? Oh, I know, I’ll be like you and tell everyone! Yay! Good idea! Think I’ll do it right now! And mine will be two weeks cuz I’m going away for a week too. All right then, here I go…

  4. I gave serious consideration to deleting my Facebook entirely…but I couldn’t bring myself to.

    I’m so thrilled you’ll be welcoming a daughter into the world soon. Daughters are supremely special (I speak from experience).

  5. I thought I read that you were pregnant! I saw one of your tweets about eating a whole bunch of pickles, and I was going to comment on how all the pregnant women I have ever known always eat pickles by the jars. 🙂

    Also, this is from a way long time ago, but I commented when I saw you were reading Incarceron, because I wanted to read it, too, and I finally did – it was SO good! It is definitely going to be a constant read for me! 🙂

    TheFunniest Blogfest Ever! on September 1st

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