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Summer Sloth Syndrome And Submission Purgatory

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So, in all the exitement and craziness of life, I somehow became a high school teacher. (I’m still not really sure how that happened.) It’s a good job and I enjoy it, but one of the main perks of teacherdom is – say it with me now – SUMMER!!!

And every May, as the year is winding down and visions of lackadasical mornings start dancing in my head, I start thinking about all the things I’ll be able to get done during the day. All the cleaning! The working out! The writing!

(Did I really just spell “lackadasical” right on the first try? Is my spell check broken? Or am I just that good?)

(I vote for “just that good.”)

Anyway, my Summer To-Do List was even longer than normal this year – I would even venture to call it a Summer To-Do Pamphlet or even a Summer To-Do Novella – due to one slightly significant change in our lives, namely the five-inch-long creature growing in my belly. (Whose elbows, by the way, are starting to flail.)

I made an AWESOME list for everything we needed to do around the house before I actually have to go back to work in August. I mean, this list was absolutely KILLER. There were bullet points and things put into bold font. It was two pages long. Seriously.

There’s a small chance I may have gone slightly overboard with my Novella, in fact.

And then school ended, and I left my list on my work computer, but that didn’t matter because tradition demands that I spend the first week of summer doing absolutely. nothing. So having the list at home with me wouldn’t have made a difference because I’m not allowed to start doing stuff till the first of June anyway.

And then June did come around, and I thought about my list, but we were going to the mountains and our anniversary was coming up and then my birthday hit and then it was Father’s Day and Rob’s birthday is Thursday and there’s just not time!

I mean, if you want to get all technical about it or whatever, I guess there’s the time I spent watching Season 5 of Gilmore Girls last week. And there’s the time I spend watching The Today Show every morning. Or there was that one day where I read an entire book and didn’t leave the couch for ten hours straight.

But honestly, other than those times, there’s just not a real opportunity for me to do all my house-related nesting tasks.


Do you see what’s happening here, people? It happens every summer. The more time I have, the less time I can find to accomplish things that need to be done. It’s some sort of weird, cosmic, Murphy’s Law type thing where I suddenly look up, it’s 11:00 in the morning, and I’m still in my pajamas.

(Which will NOT happen today, by the way, because it’s only 8:47 and I plan to take a shower and get dressed right after I post this.)

I’ve only managed to write two chapters of my new WIP, which is a TRAVESTY, I tell you, because I really want to write this book and I really need to write this book… yet somehow I haven’t been writing very much. Today I will write, though. For real. You can ask me about it later and I’ll have something good to tell you.

But starting in August, when I’m about 6 months pregnant and going to work full time, don’t you worry: I’ll suddenly find the time to get EVERYTHING done. And in January, when I go back to work after having Sprinkle and have to factor day care into my budget and schedule, I’ll find even more time.

I’m pretty sure Time hides from us whenever we feel like we have a lot of it.

On a completely different note, there is an awesome guest post up at Kiersten White’s blog about Submission Purgatory. It’s an encouraging piece about what happens after you land an agent. Check it out here!


4 thoughts on “Summer Sloth Syndrome And Submission Purgatory

  1. “I’m pretty sure Time hides from us whenever we feel like we have a lot of it.”

    THIS IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE!! I fly around like a crazy person and manage to get so much done with so little time. But a lot of time? Nada. 🙂

    Enjoy your summer!!


    PS I am excited Sprinkle’s elbows are moving. That makes me smile.

  2. Isn’t it the best when you can start feeling them moving? Of course…I wouldn’t really know…being you know…male and all but I can certainly recall when both my children began moving and kicking the inside of my serioso’s stomach making it look all “Aliens” and weird.

    I spent a lot of time talking into her belly, trying to get each of the children’s attention. And yeah I did the whole sticking the speaker from the iPod up against the belly. For Xavy it was William Shatner’s Has Been album while for Lucy…I think it was The Big Daddy soundtrack although I can’t remember exactly. I was kinda pre-occupied…book writing and all…

    Ahhh – these are the times aren’t they?

  3. Summer Sloth Syndrome, I like that! LOL! Happens to me every summer too. I haven’t made nearly the progress I want to on my WIP. Speaking of which, back to it…

  4. What is it about June that makes it fly by? I agree with you that it seems when I have a lot of time on my hands, I get nothing done. I think I’ll go ponder that in nap form until I dream up an answer.

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