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12 Reasons My Husband Rocks

In honor of my better half’s 24th birthday (yes, he is a spring chicken and he married a cougar who’s 3 years older than him, almost to the day) I’ve decided to make a list of 12 reasons why Rob Riley rocks.

“But Anne,” you say. “Why not 24 reasons?”

Well, because 24 things is a long list to post on a blog, and even though I could probably think of 1000 reasons he rocks, I would probably lose a few of you somewhere in there.

Also, I’m attempting to keep the cheese factor to a minimum here.

You’re welcome.

Rob Riley Rocks Because:

1. When he sees this post, he’s going to turn red and remind me how much he hates being the center of attention, at which point I will stick my tongue out at him and remind him that I’m allowed to embarrass him on his birthday. We’re all kinds of mature around here.

2. He’s got blue eyes. I always wanted blue eyes, so I get to live vicariously through him. And maybe he’ll pass those eyes on to Sprinkle!

3. He can wash dishes faster than anyone else in the world. Seriously. Challenge him to a Dish-Off. He’ll beat the pants off you.

4. He cleans out the litter box. Peach and I are both exceedingly grateful to him for this. (Although if he waits too long, Peach protests by flinging her poo against the walls. She’s a little bit of a diva.)

5. When he smiles a certain way, he looks JUST LIKE Matt Damon. Jason Bourne, anyone? (Yes please.)

6. He’s already a natural with babies. Proof:

(Don’t worry about the look on the baby’s face. He’s probably just workin’ on a little somethin’.)

7. He shouts at the people on the news when they say something he doesn’t agree with. This is funny, and sometimes it drives me a little nuts, but it definitely shows his passion for the things he believes in.

8. After years of making fun of me for liking Harry Potter, he finally read the first book and finished the whole series in about two months.

9. If you ask Rob to make a dessert for the company that’s coming over, this is the type of thing you’re likely to get (and don’t get me wrong, it was AWESOME!):

10. Instead of getting out $10 or $20 at a time, he takes out $1 from the ATM at his office (yes, it dispenses dollar bills) so he can buy a cup of coffee. He does this every day. And every time I check our bank account online, I laugh out loud.

11. He is determined to teach me how to play golf, even though this is what happened last time we went:

(Please note position of divet, ball, and club.)

12. And, last but not least, Rob Riley rocks because he’s told me that if our baby is a girl, he’ll have no choice but to put her in a plastic bubble until she’s 40 because “nobody’s good enough to date his baby girl.” Bless.

So there you have it! There are so many other reasons my husband is awesome, but that’s a good starter list. Happy birthday, Rob!

13 thoughts on “12 Reasons My Husband Rocks

  1. That has to be the ugliest dessert I have ever seen. lol. But full of yummy sugar. Hey, I’ve got four years on my sweetheart so I’m really robbing the cradle.

  2. Ooooooh it is so on! Lars, Rob saw your comment and said “I would so kick her tail at a Dish-Off.”

    Consider yourself slapped with the proverbial glove.

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