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Pre-Famous Author Interview: Eisley Jacobs

I love Eisley Jacobs. Do you know why? Gosh, there are so many reasons – her funky cool glasses, her shiny hair, and her no-nonsense attitude, just to name a few – but the main reason I grin like an idiot when I see her around the web is this: She was one of my first ever Twitter friends. She made me feel welcome in a world of constantly updating 140-character blurbs, and I love her for it.

I’m eternally jealous of people who live in Colorado, so Eisley is, by default, a target of my covetousness. (Yes, I still love her at the same time. Don’t ask me to explain my emotions. We’ll be here all day.) When she’s not gallavanting around the beautiful city of Denver, she is a rental mommy / school teacher / cook / waitress / maid to a small horde of children. When the children aren’t around, she becomes a photographer / scrapbooker / reader and, I’m sure, a whole lot more.

When asked where she is in her writing journey, this is what she said:

– I am in the waiting phase with one… submitted it to a contest. (YA Fantasy)
– I am in the query phase with the same one… but it’s on hold. Query is written.
– 1/3 of the way thru same books synopsis… too.
– I am in the editing phase with another… sitting on the desk of the editor now (YA Fantasy Book 2)
– I am in the writing phase with #3… Snarky fun (Urban ChickLit Fantasy) ATM @ 52K
– I am still debating on #4… where to go next. Unseen Chronicles. Posted them as Serial on my site.
– I am in the plotting #5 each day, writing something new (YA Fantasy Book 3)

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Anybody up for a nap?

Oh, wait! I can’t take a nap because I want to share the interview Eisley has kindly consented to do with me, which I hope you’ll enjoy! Scroll down and get to know this fabulous writer / mother / superhero. I know you’ll love her as much as I do!

*          *          *

Anne: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Eisley: I would love to live in Ireland, Scotland or somewhere amidst the Islands of Mull. The culture, the beauty… Just everything. RUNAWAY CHOICES is in Ireland right now… Actually, just about to leave on a ferry to Scotland, but yah. I am right there in the culture right now… in my mind.

A: If you could only have one book for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

E: Without sounding cliché as this answer may be… I would choose the Bible. Why? Because it contains all the plot ideas in the world… Love, betrayal, forgiveness, respect, mystery, paranormal activity… Ahhh and it’s real. I love that part. Non Fiction… actually just about the only Non-Fiction I will read. Haha.

A: Girl, you and me both. What would you say is your biggest quirk?

E: I cannot… repeat cannot wear two different socks on my feet. The socks must be perfectly matched and not have different wear on them. When I see someone with two different socks on, it’s almost like they are committing a crime! No really. Put the mismatched socks away.

A: Ha! That is priceless. I, on the other hand, rarely know where my socks are, so you’re definitely ahead of me there. What else can you tell us about yourself that is unique or unusual?

E: I know American Sign Language and someday I will be a professional translator. I love the language and think it’s beautiful. I plan to write a few novels using a Deaf character. Already know the title, already know the topic… just have to have the time.

A: Is there anything you would never consider doing, no matter what?

E: There isn’t much that I won’t do in this life… but I will never, ever eat bugs… ever. Fear Factor, nope won’t do that either. Amazing Race… Maybe, if I didn’t have to eat bugs.

A: *shudders* Yeah. Never. Or snails. Anyway, moving on to something less… oozy, what author do you admire the most?

E: C.S. Lewis for every reason you could possibly think… Narnia is the reason I write.

A: I love C.S. too!! Which of the characters you’ve written do you identify with the most?

E: I try not to identify with my characters. It’s much more fun allowing them tell me who they are. To me, writing is a way to help me escape the here and now… and put me in a world where my rules rule and anything goes. I can fly, juggle, walk on a mountain top, pet a lion and I can do it all with my words. There is one exception to this… and she came to me recently in RUNAWAY CHOICES. Beck, my snarky MC, is more like me then I care to admit. However, while Beck refuses to bite her tongue… I bite mine quite well. She says things I have only thought about saying to rude or inconsiderate people. So in a way, I can identify with some of her attitudes.

A: And finally, what would you say is your biggest challenge as a writer?

E: I wrote and rewrote the answer to this question… Honestly, I am not sure one challenge outweighs another. There will always be challenges… and what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. So, while circumstances may feel very challenging, they have a purpose and will make us better writers in the end.

See?? Doesn’t she just ooze wisdom and awesomeness? (Yes, I am aware I used some form of the word “ooze” twice in one blog post.) But for real, Eisley is somebody you want to know. So go find her at the following locations:

Thanks for dropping by!

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11 thoughts on “Pre-Famous Author Interview: Eisley Jacobs

  1. Eisley is awesome!!! I know because I know her in *real life.* I’ve met her twice now, for 2 long weekends, and she’s as real as you can get. Friend, encourager, writer, she’s everything rolled up into one. I’m proud to call her my friend.

  2. covetousness…I am still grinning like an idiot after like, a half an hour reciting that word in my head. It’s the best!

    This was my favorite P.F.A.I. yet and I totally loved the conversation. Will definitely watch out for this girl.

  3. Eisley is the best, even though I would make her cringe by wearing mismatched socks (I swear it doesn’t happen often), and I know because Eisley is my TwitterSister and one of the most supportive, enthusiastic people you can find out there in the Twitterverse. If you don’t know her, get to know her stat! You’ll be happy you did.

  4. Another fantastic interview. Well done.

    You’re jealous of people for living in Colorado? Really? I mean, it’s not a bad place and actually I go there for shopping and the airport cause, well, Wyoming has almost nothing. But I don’t think Colorado is that great compared to other places. *shrugs*

    I like this interview series. Keep it up!

  5. Eisley had my heart before she quoted Friedrich Neitsche, now I just want to hug her! I couldn’t agree with you more Anne, Eisley is one of the MOST supportive people I’ve met on the net and she makes me smile every time I see her on one of the many networks I frequent!

  6. Yay! I love these Pre-Famous interviews. It’s so much fun diving in to the minds of other writers. And I agree, Colorado seems like such an awesome place to live (Would love to have snow in the wintertime 😛 )

    Can’t wait for the next one !!

  7. Eisley was also one of my first friends in the online writing community. She’s an amazing person! (I <3 you, EJ!) And love the Bible statement. I never thought of all the story ideas in there, as a writer. I have to say, though, the list of WIPs and everything else exhausts me just reading it. I personally think she's a machine in people clothing. Just sayin'.

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