Here, Let Me Help You With Your Murder

Guess what, folks? The Murder Scene Blogfest is only FIVE DAYS AWAY! Exciting, right? But, as I’ve lurked around Twitter and your blogs these past couple weeks, I can’t help but notice that some of you aren’t having as much fun with this as you should be. And the reason for this seems to be that you just can’t think of anything to write. You can’t get started. You’ve got The Block.

“Oh, I feel your pain,” she said, considering the three weeks that had passed since she last wrote a single word.

But: Never fear! I am here for you. Below, I’m going to give you three (3) writing prompts to help you get started with your oh-so-rockin’ murder scene. And you know what? Even if you don’t plan to join in on the blogfest, you can always use these prompts for some great writing practice!

Now, instead of the traditional prompt format (where I begin to set the scene and you take it from there) I’m going to do something Simon did a while back and give you three sets of elements to use in your story. Now, Simon has fancy Story Dice he can throw that will tell him what these elements are. Me? I only have the ravings ofย a lunatic inside my head. Almost as good, and twice as scary. So basically, you just pick the prompt you like the most and try to include all those elements in your murder scene.

Okay, ready? Here we go!

Prompt 1: an apple, a fence, the countryside, a prosthetic limb

Prompt 2: a swimming pool, a large city, feathers, gummy worms

Prompt 3: a maze, mirrors, Spandex, bad facial hair

To be fair, I did warn you that my mind is a scary place. Anyway, what do you think? Can you pick one of the prompts and work all the elements into your story? Even if you don’t use all the prompt elements, does it give you a good idea for your murder scene?

Hope that helps! Happy murdering, everyone…? (Boy, that sounds weird.)

*Edited to add: If you’ve already got something written, that’s great – please don’t feel like you have to use one of the above prompts! They are for people who might be a little stuck. So if you’re not stuck, then don’t worry about it!

20 thoughts on “Here, Let Me Help You With Your Murder

  1. If we already have something written for your blogfest, do we have to chuck it all/revise it and write something new using the prompts or can we still use what we wrote for the blogfest?

  2. Hm…you are kind of making we want to chuck out my scene to write something new that involves a man with bad facial hair getting pelted to death by apple-flavored gummy worms inside a maze of mirrors (you never said we couldn’t mix and match!)

    So, since my scene is already set up (a little something from my WIP), anyone can feel free to use my awesome prompt. What a delicious way to die!

  3. Heather #1: HA! You’re so right, I never said you couldn’t do that! What an awesome scene!

  4. Oh my gosh I love your title for today… so fitting!! Made me laugh, though now thinking about it I’m not sure that’s appropriate! Nonetheless I wish I could partake in this fabulous blogfest but I’ll be out of town… however I can’t wait to read all of them when I get back!!!

    Have fun!

  5. Indeed, looking forward to the blogfest. Those are some amusing prompts. I got lucky in that the novel I just finished writing the first draft technically has a murder scene. The anatagonist is killed at the end of the second to last chapter. So, I’ve got something already for this one which is good cause I believe it’s my first murder scene written, not hinted at. Can’t wait for the official day.

  6. Oh, lookit. You mentioned me! Does this mean you’ve forgiven me for starting a rumor that you ran off to backpack in Europe with B. Freret? Yes?

    Wait. You hadn’t heard that rumor? Oh. Forget I said anything then.

    And Prompt 3 sounds like Labyrinth gone terribly wrong. Geez, I guess I should get writing on this one. Thanks for the reminder! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. MK: I did visit your blog, and I tried to leave a comment but I couldn’t for some reason – weird! Anyway, you’re not alone, and I hope this helps!

  8. Simon: You don’t want to start a rumor contest with me. I’ll have people believing you’ve joined a colony in Iceland before you know it!

  9. Lol, I don’t know If I’ll have time to submit my murder, but Imma write one anyway, just for the heck of it! Though I’m haveing troubles killing my character off >.> She just won’t die! Also, I just thought you should know (And I think I might have told you this in class today, Did I?) The first word of the scene is “Gummy Worms”. BWHAHAHA!

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