Week In Links 3.27.10

So, I’ve been slacking on my Week in Links feature. A lot. But it’s not my fault – apparently, my Motivation has run away. I have no idea where he is, but I’ll find him. Don’t you worry ’bout a thing. Anyway, here are the high points of the bloggy week. Enjoy!

  • Alexandra Shostak reviewed the book Wicked Lovely. Alexandra does great book reviews, so if you’ve never read any of them, you should make this one your first! I’m adding it onto my “to read” list for sure!
  • Chersti Nieveen blogged about how to start your book in the right place. This is something I think everyone struggles with, and in my opinion, it can be the deciding factor on whether or not your story hooks me.
  • Elana Johnson posted about a great  – seriously, GREAT – new contest coming up on Monday. The prizes are a critique of your query letter and the first ten pages of your MS by Jason Yarn of Paradigm Literary Agency!
  • Kiersten White posted THE COVER OF HER NOVEL!!! A little publishing house by the name of HarperTeen is putting her book on the shelves in September, and she has an official cover! Go look at it. It’s pretty.

That’s all for today. Happy weekend!

4 thoughts on “Week In Links 3.27.10

  1. I’ve already read ‘Wicked Lovely’ (Surprise surprise, I told you I didn’t have a life 😀 ) On a scale from one to 5 I think I rated it a three or four on I have purchased and read the other two books after that one and thing the first is the best. Its an entertaining read and I’m glad you’ll be reading it

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