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Anne’s Motivation Here

Hi everyone,

This is Anne’s Motivation. She doesn’t know I figured out her password, so don’t tell her, okay? I only have a second to talk because I’m on the run. Anne’s been looking for me lately, and I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. I am TIRED, and I deserve a vacation as much as Sleep and Sanity, who, by the way, haven’t been around much either. Well, I take that back – Sleep likes to stop by every once in a while, but never when he’s supposed to. He made an appearance yesterday around 3:30 in the afternoon and made Anne skip going to the gym, then left around 5:30 and stayed out till after midnight. Cheeky bugger. Nobody likes Sleep, but he’s a necessary evil.

Oh, and Sanity? Yeah. We haven’t seen her for at least a decade. At this point, she’s more of an urban legend than anything else. Supposedly, there was a time when Anne wasn’t a nutcase, but nobody can remember this and we don’t have any proof.

Anyway, I stuck around for a while. Seriously, I did. I helped Anne do things like laundry, cooking, and cleaning. I helped her make it to work on time every day. I mean, for crying out loud, I’m the reason she wrote and edited an entire novel!

The problem is, it’s spring. And I’m tired now. I don’t really care about the laundry any more, so obviously, niether does Anne. She just keeps stepping over the growing piles of clothes in her bedroom floor like they’re not even there. Yesterday I actually saw her attempt a Harry Potter spell on the laundry basket. For a second, she thought it might work, but she was wrong.

The point of all this is, don’t tell her you saw me. And before you feel bad for her, she’s not alone. Delirium and Tedium are still hanging out with her. They’re not a whole lot of fun, but they’re company. So if you see Anne leaving dirty dishes out for days on end or staring at her computer screen for twenty minutes before giving up and closing it, just know it’s because I’ve run away for the time being. I’m getting together with some other Motivations for a big party. But eventually, I’ll be back… you just never know when.

Motivatedly yours,
Motivation Riley

16 thoughts on “Anne’s Motivation Here

  1. That made me laugh so hard! Oh boy have I been there! Sounds to me like you need to go find Motivation. I’ll bet he’s somewhere tropical, on a nice beach with his feet up…

  2. Heather: He totally is. What a jerk. I’m so taking away his cell phone when I find him. He’s grounded for at least a month.

  3. Allomorph: Unfortunately, Motivation has vacated the premises. But I’ll be sure to pass your message along to him… after I HIT HIM IN THE FACE.

  4. Bugger, THAT is where my motivation went. She’s hanging out with YOURS!

    Lol, seriously, though, this entry is way too funny. Heh, I’ve been stepping over piles of laundry for at least a month at this point. And dishes? Well… I wash them when I need them. Or I use plastic cups.

  5. That was lots of fun – although I’m sure we all feel the pain beneath the humour! Take a week or two off – well maybe not from the laundry – and relax!

  6. LOL! I loved that. Delerium isn’t so bad, but Anne’s got to ditch Tedium. That’s what’s keeping Sanity away!

  7. Dearest Anne,

    I want to apologize. I cornered Motivation last week at the grocery store and bribed him to come home with me. But don’t worry, I’ve almost finished my cloning device and will send him back home…or something similar.


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