Look! Look At My Lovely Blog!

Today I have the privilege of accepting a very pretty and much appreciated blog award from Courtney Reese! I met Courtney on Twitter (that sounds so weird, like we met on or something, only we’re not dating so that doesn’t even make sense) and I have loved hanging out with her at the #amwritingparty and keeping up with her superfly blog! Plus, Courtney is an Alabama fan. Rooooolllll tide, baby.

I don’t think there’s a certain number of blogs to pass this on to, so I’ll just give you three to check out! Believe me when I say they are all well worth your time, and you will thank me later for steering you in their direction!

1) Harley May at her self-titled blog. Harley, whose real name is something else I’m not sure she wants people to know, was my college roommate freshman year! We shared a bathroom with 30 other girls and borrowed each other’s clothes habitually, both of which served to make us fast friends. Harley has JUST gotten a real, professional, her-own-domain-name-and-everything website up and running. Check it out!

2) Jemi Fraser at Just Jemi, yet another Twitter and blog friend,Β never disappoints. I love reading her stuff, and I aspire to have the kind of comment flow she gets!

3) Eisley Jacobs at Eisley’s Ellipses is one of my other Twitter-blog friends (are you seeing a pattern?). She’s also awesome at getting you through a chapter when you’re ready to light it on fire and bury its ashes deep in your backyard.

By the way, I am so humbled and honored that people even bother to read this blog. I can’t believe that some of you think I’m worthy of these awards. Thank you a million times for keeping up with me – it really does mean so much!

6 thoughts on “Look! Look At My Lovely Blog!

  1. Jemi and Eisley – y'all definitely deserve it! And Simon, your blog is definitely lovely, but I didn't know if you would feel a bit emasculated by the teacup picture, ha!

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