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Just Like A Circus

The title of this post is not, as you may have suspected, a reference to a certain Britney Spears song. Instead, it is a reference to the current state of my life. Here’s just a taste of what the rest of January holds for yours truly:

1. My deadline for finishing up final revisions on The Clearing is January 31… at the absolute latest. This wouldn’t be such a huge deal, except that yesterday I deleted over 18,000 words of text that no longer jived with the updated manuscript. See, originally, we were marketing this as a trilogy…but now we’re not, which means my cliffhanger ending is no longer allowed to hang from cliffs. So I am reworking it. A lot.

2. Last night I met with my dear friend Spencer, who is a brilliant web designer, to discuss the possiblities of building a real, grown-up website for me. At the end of the 2 hours we spent together, we bought a domain name (http://www.annerileybooks.com/), outlined some preliminary content ideas, and discussed design ideas. I am beyond excited about it! This is the first of some major PR moves I’m about to make so that when The Clearing hits bookstores, people will already know my name.

3. Thanks to Simon, I’m dying to write some short stories and enter them in some contests and/or have them published somewhere. I also want to have something on my shiny new website for people to read, to give them a taste of what kind of writer I am. I also secretly hope to lure some publishers into my lair this way.

4. This coming weekend, Rob and I will be road-tripping to meet our new niece and nephew! My sister and her husband just adopted twins, and we are dying to see them. I cannot wait!

5. Throw a full-time teaching job in with all of this and, as you can see, things are quite exciting around the Riley household this month!

So if you don’t see me around the blogosphere as much in the weeks to come, just know: I still love you. I have not forgotten about you. And I promise to check in as often as I can.

How about y’all? How is January looking for you?

19 thoughts on “Just Like A Circus

  1. Wow, Simon is the get-a-round boy! He is on three blog posts today… Whoop! 😉

    Have fun meeting your niece and nephew Aunt Anne!

    Why do I all the sudden crave a pretzel…?

  2. Wow, that sounds like a major rewrite! I feel so bad for you. Ugh. Completely changin and ending is NOT easy! If anyone can pull it off brilliantly though, its you!

  3. I'm on three blog posts today? Just when I spend a day offline due to being 35,000 feet in the air, too!

    Many thanks for the link, good lady. And in a strange reversal, you say today that you want to write a short story, and I started a novel today ('cause all my bloggie friends have novels and I feel a tiny bit left out).

    Best of luck on the rewrites and the pending short story!

  4. Thanks Sara! And my friend bought the domain name for me, but he used godaddy.com. Which was irritating to me because I hate their commercials, but they had the best deal out there!

  5. Jemi – you are so right. This is when my extreme lack of skill for prioritizing will come back to bite me. Family comes before writing! Can someone please tattoo that on my forehead? Thanks.

  6. Heather – THANK YOU for the vote of confidence! Last night I made a sort of outline for my new final chapters. I think the new ending will be about 6 million times stronger than the last one, so this is all for the best. It's just making me break out in hives, that's all.

  7. Bidness travel, good lady. But long stretches of time on airplanes certainly does give one time to read. I finished two books, and almost finished a third yesterday. Fun!

  8. Wow! Nice! I am looking forward to having more time to read once I get this book to my agent. I can't wait… I think I need a break from writing. Just a small one.

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